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The Ademco 5839 Wireless Alpha Keypad is great for people who want additional keypads for their Vista series panels but don't want to or can't run the wire for a traditional wired keypad. This will only work with a 5883 receiver and will not work with the RF receiver keypads. The 5839 is a full alpha display keypad  that compares to the Ademco 6160 wired keypad. It reads out all alarm events in plain English text. It also, if programmed, will read out descriptors for your zones. 

It features function keys just like the 6160 as well. This keypad is powered by a 9 volt lithium battery and will shut off when not in use to conserve battery power. It comes back to life when you hit the asterisk key. You can, however, get a power pack for this unit that will keep the keypad in 'always on' mode. The Ademco N7703 is a transformer for the 5839 and connects with a piece that you can find in any electronics store. A very nice buy if you want a wireless Honeywell Security keypad!

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