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Have you caught on the news lately? Hackers, robbers, thieves are all over the place harnessing the powers of smart technology. However, did you know that you could protect your home with modern technology as well?

Modern security systems, composed of various components, are designed to be your lookout even when you are not at home. For most homeowners, security systems must be able to act by themselves. At the same time, homeowners are demanding products that are easy to use and security systems which are equally smart as their smartphones. 2GIG Technologies recently unveiled its latest smart security technology system which understands the language of security while allowing ease of access and control over your home even from a smartphone or tablet. A recent study from ABI Research revealed that the demand for home automation systems is expected to grow up to 4.14 million this year from 397,000 in 2010. Due to the increasing demand of homeowners for home automation systems, 2GIG Technologies has devised an all-in-one security platform and home management system.

Digging Go!Controls

Labeled by bloggers as the “iPhone of home security systems,” 2GIG’s Go!Control comes in a larger rack than most security systems. This wireless home security system comes with the latest smart technology accessories which can just do every smart security feature from surveillance down to weather monitoring. Once installed, you could easily monitor your home with its automation features. Data from the FBI suggests that 65% of most burglaries happen during working hours. Even while you’re away, 2GIG’s Go!Control lets you control your security system through your smartphone provided that you have a compatible cellular plan. In short, it gives you 24-hour monitoring over your property even while you are away.

The 2GIG’s Go!Control comes in kits depending on your budget and your property’s perimeter. It includes a Go!Control wireless alarm control panel, thin window/door contacts, motion detector, keychain remote, System Backup Battery, and a Power Transformer. 2GIG’s Go!Control wireless alarm control panel has a sleek design and features built-in Z-Wave home automation control system. The main unit sports an iPhone interface and ergonomic touch screen commands which is easy to understand.

Wireless Interactive Communication

Unlike older alarm systems, 2GIG’s Go!Control do not rely on phone lines because these are usually exposed thus, prone to cutting by burglars. With home burglary happening every 13 seconds, FBI explains that this is one of the common threats in the US. Using wireless technology, the Go!Control has a user-friendly touch screen interface which can be accessed locally, over the internet, or on a web enabled phone - definitely no wires involved. Say goodbye to your old gadgets and get on with the new technology. 

You may choose how you want to communicate with your alarm panel - it may be through a GSM cellular or Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) telephone dialers. However, as POTS lines are disappearing with almost 700,000 lines cut each month, these lines are vulnerable to intruders. If you have a GSM cellular communicator snap-in module, you could utilize the 2-way voice communication. It sends out clear notifications on the system’s status, weather updates, zone descriptions, and emergencies. It covers 48 wireless zones, 2 hardwired zones, and has a 24-hour backup battery.

Making the Smarter Move

Smart means efficiency and efficacy. On top of the stylish touch screen control panel, you don’t have to worry about your panel being outdated. It features an on-air function which updates your panel automatically with the cell radio module. Finally an alarm system that can update itself! This alarm system by 2GIG Technologies has thin door and window contact sensors and motion detectors. Once alarms are triggered, owners are alerted via text or email and check the control panel where they could access remotely by phone or computer. It also has a Key Ring 4-button remote which could set the alarm system to Stay mode, Away mode, Activate or Deactivate the system.

Even from up to 350 feet, homeowners could quickly arm or disarm their system even while walking or getting into their cars, a design perfect for on-the-go or busy homeowners. More than just a security device for your home, this wireless home security system is a smart choice. With 2GIG’s Go!Control technology at your home, you could virtually control any Z-Wave device. It is as if you did not leave your home at all. You could schedule and control your thermostat, HVAC, door locks, and lighting fixtures to help you lower your costs. 

After arming your 2GIG alarm through the control panel, it will automatically go on a 60 second countdown. Using the schedule you have set for the Z-Wave devices, it will automatically run the program and shut off the lights, adjust the thermostat, and lock all the doors connected to the system. On top of this, the Go!Controller allows you to see the status of each light in the house. From there, you could choose to brighten it, make it dimmer, and even turn it on or off. Talk about ease of access and comfort.

Setting up Your 2GIG's Go!Control

Unlike other security systems, setting up 2GIG’s Go!Control may require additional help from professional installers. In this case where security is at risk, quality should be prioritized. Professionals know the best place to install sensors and monitors to increase coverage of your property. Though it may cost you, having your security system installed by a professional gives you relief that your security set-up won’t be easily compromised. However, you could still go DIY to avoid the lock-in contract of alarm monitoring companies. Make sure that you read the user manual which could be downloaded in their website. Setting up this wireless home security device requires you to buy a power cable for connection. The sensors, monitors, and even the control panel is easy to install. If you have a bigger home that needs a wider-parameter security, you could always add additional sensors and monitors.

Carry your home wherever you go using your smart phone because with 2GIG's Go!Control, every homeowner must have a security alarm that fits their needs. It is better to prepare now and reduce the safety risks of your family and property. We at Alarm System Store encourage homeowners to try this 2GIG's Go!Control Wireless Home Security System and experience the best security for you and your family.

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