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2Gig Technologies

2Gig Technologies

2Gig Technologies is making alarm systems for today's laymen that are very easy to set up and operate. 2Gig's Go!Control series of alarm systems are compact and GSM cellular ready. With the disappearance of POTS telephone lines; 2Gig decided just to leave out the POTS dialer but you can get a snap-in POTS dialer as well as a snap-in GSM cellular communicator. Also included in 2Gig's self-contained wireless panels is a Z-Wave home automation control. There are a lot of other nice features included with these systems as well including voice annunciation of system status, date, time and weather display* (* when accompanied with a cell radio and an active account with a remote services provider), and a vivd color touchscreen display.

More About 2Gig Technologies

2Gig is one of the industry leaders in the integration of home security and home automation. They offer an easy to use, all-in-one system called the Go!Control panel. It features a touchscreen with an intuitive, menu driven user interface that is extremely easy to navigate. 2Gig offers high tech solutions for numerous security and automation needs. The 2Gig Go!Control panel has the scalability to secure most residential and small businesses. It has the capacity for up to 48 wireless zones. This will generally allow for enough sensors to protect all, but the largest homes and some large commercial applications. The panel can have up to 32 user codes. This gives you the flexibility to give user codes and permissions as you see fit. The Go!Control can hold up to 8 keychain remotes to arm and disarm the system conveniently from a distance. The panel features built-in two-way voice capability. 2Gig has included on the panel weather with compatible services. You can also add up to 4 more touchscreen keypads to further increase the convenience and ease of use of your 2Gig Go!Control panel. On top of all the other features, 2Gig has added a Z-Wave control module on all of their Go!Control panels. This will give you the power to make your home not only safe, but smart as well. You can add numerous types of Z-Wave devices to make life more convenient and also save energy. On top of the on the panel control of the Z-Wave devices, Go!Control panels are compatible. This gives you the capability to access and control your smart home from any internet enabled device such as smartphones, tablets, and PC’s. With you will be able to arm and disarm, receive custom notifications, control your Z-Wave devices, receive weather and severe weather alerts among many other features. The only component that 2Gig does not package with their Go!Control panels is the communicator. They realize that an increasing number of homes, new and old; are doing away with their landline telephones. People are moving towards exclusively having cell phones for their communications. Because of this 2Gig has done away with including an often unused POTS (plain old telephone service) dialer. 2Gig still offers one for those that can and want to utilize them. Otherwise they offer an AT&T and Verizon cellular communicator for your monitoring needs. If you have existing hardwired sensors, do not worry. While 2Gig is an all wireless system, with the exception of 2 on board hardwired zones; they offer a Super Switch hardwire takeover module. Each one of these modules can accept the inputs of 8 hardwired zones. The modules then convert the signal of those zones to a wireless signal that the 2Gig Go!Control panel can use. This is a great option if you are looking for a cutting edge wireless system, but still want to be budget conscious and utilize some of your existing equipment. Or if you do not have any hardwired sensors, but have the ability and will to run the wire for hardwired sensors and want to save some money: the Super Switch is a great choice.