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GD00Z-8 Z-Wave Garage Door Controller
Power supply 120VAC / 60Hz to 12VDC
Garage door tilt sensor
Mounting bracket and hardware

The GD00Z-8 is a Z-Wave Garage Door Controller that will let you remotely control any garage door that has an opener on it. The GD00Z-8 measures 6.94 in W x 1.38 in H x 5.0 D and has a range of up to 100 ft. between itself and the nearest Z-Wave control. The GD00Z-8 operates on the 908.42 MHz frequency. You'll also get the garage door tilt sensor which will notify you if you've accidentally left the garage door open. The sensor measures 1.69 in W x 0.88 in H x 1.19 in D and is installed on the garage door itself instead of on the opener. Both the door control and the tilt sensor can be installed in temperatures between -4°-122° F (-20°-50° C). It is recommended to not install it in temperatures above or below this range to ensure proper functioning. This unit, like most other Z-Wave devices, will act as a repeater for the local Z-Wave network and strength the security of all devices.

You will install the GD00Z-8 by connecting it to the garage door opener's push-button wall switch terminals so that when the control is activated it will then, in turn, activate those terminals for an opening or closing. You'll then plug the unit into an electrical outlet to provide it with power. You will then put the control or security panel into Add Mode and synch the garage control with the system by initiating an opening or closing. You will also install the tilt switch as described above. When the GD00Z-8 is activated there is an indicator light that will flash and a buzzer that will sound 5 seconds before the garage door actually moves so that you'll know ahead of time and avoid injury by being in the way of the door. The strobe built-in to this unit has an impressive 360 lumens of brightness and the buzzer operates at 45 dB so that you're sure to hear it.

You can accomplish this through a Z-Wave controller or a security panel that has the capability like our DSC NEO, Qolsys IQ 4, Honeywell PROSeries, or the Honeywell Vista 15P and Honeywell Vista 20P. These panels use cellular communicators with built-in Z-Wave controllers. By utilizing Residential Interactive Services you'll be able to operate and control the GD00Z-4 so that you can open and close it just in case you have someone coming over that needs in the garage.

GD00Z-8 and Tilt sensor installation guide


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  • will this work with 2Gig panels?

    As long as your 2 GIG panel supports zwave, yes. This is just a standard Z wave device that works with any Z wave capable controller.