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IP BAT CDMA Unboxing Review - Here's what you'll get

What you'll get with the IP BAT CDMA. An uboxing review


Hey, you. Jon Boroughs, back in the house again today, to do another product unboxing review. We do product unboxing reviews and we also do great tech support videos. So if you find value in that kind of stuff, go ahead and subscribe to our channel, hit that notification bell to see when we're putting out more videos, like this video, and leave some comments, if you have any questions. Now, what I'm gonna do today is I'm gonna take you over to the table and we're gonna check out the BAT CDMA by ipDatatel. It's a cell communicator that will allow you to get your own notifications and be able to remote control your system. If that's all you wanna do, then that's fine. This communicator can be used just for that. But if you wanna do central station monitoring, you can also have it send signal to a central station as well. But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take you over the table, unbox this product, show you what you get in the box, tell you a little bit about it, and if you wanna follow me over there, we'll get started now.

All right, guys. Here we have the IP BAT CDMA made by ipDatatel out of Sugar Land, Texas. And this is a nice communicator to have. It's dual-path, so it's going to do internet and cellular as well. So it will start out communicating via the internet, and then, if that happens and it fail, then it will have the cellular portion of it take over, basically. So you're never gonna miss out on communications from your alarm system, basically. You'll have a redundant backup in place. In case one goes out, the other one will work.

This will work, natively, with the key bus hook up on a GE Interlogix Caddx system, a Honeywell Vista Series system, or a DSC power series, the 1616s, 1832s and 1864s. I'm gonna open this up. And, as you can see here, nice little packaging. And they give you a QR code to scan so you can get the product info, if you need it. And, on the side here, they have the MAC address and the CRC number of the communicator. And this is what you're gonna use to activate this. And when you get this in, get it hooked up, you'll get a hold of us. You'll give us these numbers here. And it's also on the inside of this unit. I'm gonna show you that here. We'll go ahead and open up the box. So I'll put this down, and we have the main bulk of the communicator here and nice little case, not too big, very in descript. And we'll go ahead and open this up for you. We'll go ahead and grab a screwdriver.

All right, there we go. We have it open. And this is what the inside looks like. Has a wiring strip over here, so you can do your different hookups. Has an Ethernet port here, so you can hook it to a router. And it has an antenna hook up here, and the antenna is in the box. And, as you can see, right here you have the MAC and CRC number on the circuit board as well. So, in case you happen to misplace the box, you can use the number on the inside to identify it. So that's what you get there. And, as you can see here, we've got the antenna and your Quick Start Guide. And this is gonna show you, really quick, on how to hook it up. I'm gonna go ahead and flash up a picture here on the screen of the different hookups for the different systems for the key bus. As you can see here, this will hook up to the key bus on an InterlogiX NetworX Caddx system, a Honeywell Vista system, and a DSC power series system.

All right. So, basically, what this thing will do for can be used as a universal communicator on most systems. And the universal communicator function is going to let you receive emails, text notification and automated voice phone calls of any sort of alarm event you get with your panel. You can also set it up through the panel's programming to report openings and closings, which means armings and disarmings, and you can see who's coming and who's going. But it's really nice if you've got a smartphone, you can get the SecureSmart app and that will give you push notification. So basically, your notifications are gonna pop up on the top bar of your phone's screen, where most of your other notifications show up. If you don't have a cell phone, if you just got just a regular old cell phone, you get text notifications, like I said, e-mail messages and automated voice phone calls.

On the Interlogix, the Honeywell Vista, and the DSC power series, because you've got that key bus hookup, you're going to get a virtual keypad in the secure smart app. If you do not have one of those panels though, this has a way to do a key switch arming and disarming function. It's just a simple press a button it arms, press another button it disarms, and you can do that by using a zone and a trigger output from your system, just so you can get that nice little arming/disarming feature. But that's pretty much it, and I mean, that's all you get in this box. You get the communicator, the antenna and the Quick Start Guide. And it's nice to have, if you don't wanna do central station monitoring, you can have this. And then, you can decide whether to call the Police, Fire Department, EMS, whichever you choose. But yeah, that's it. That's the IP BAT CDMA from ipDatatel. Thanks for being with me.

All right, guys. That was the BAT CDMA by ipDatatel. Nice product, and it's really handy for you. If you don't want central station monitoring, but you still wanna be notified when somebody breaks into your house, this will do it for you. And you can use it with the DSC power series 1616, 1832, or 1864, Honeywell Vista series and the Interlogix Caddx NetworX systems. So it covers a wide range of alarm systems and when you get your messages you can then decide if you wanna call the Police, Fire, or EMS, whichever that suits your case. It does have a yearly subscription fee to it, but that is to pay for data usage and the messaging capabilities that it has built in. So very affordable, nice to have. You guys have any more question about this, go to our website,, there's a phone number there, give us a call, our guys will be happy to talk to you. And this has been Jon Boroughs. Thanks for joining me again today for another product unboxing review. We'll talk to you soon.