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How many keypads can I use with the DSC NEO?


Much like DSC’s previous generation, most of the PowerSeries NEO panels can handle up to 8 keypads. That’s pretty much where the similarities end though.

The HS2016, HS2032, and HS2064 panels all have slots for up to 8 keypads. These keypads can be any combination of hardwired and wireless and of any style. HS2ICN keypads can be mixed with HS2LCD keypads and the HS2TCHP keypad and wireless keypads. The HS2128, the largest NEO system, can do up to 16 keypads. Again this can be any combination of styles.

Other than the number of slots available for the panel, there are other limiting factors that need to be taken into account that can stop you from adding keypads if ignored. The first is that if you are wanting to add wireless keypads you must have a PowerG transceiver attached to the system. This can be through an HSM2HOST9 module or through a keypad, such as the HS2LCDRF9, that has a built-in transceiver. The second is the limited current available to be drawn from the CORBUS and auxiliary power. All of the NEO panels are limited to 700mA of current. This is taken up quickly by keypads and other devices, especially if you want to use touchscreen keypads. To get around this limitation power supply modules like the HSM2300 must be added.