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DSC PowerSeries NEO Wireless Enrollment Tutorial

How to video tutorial on DSC PowerSeries NEO wireless enrollment

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Hi. I'm Jason with And in today's video, I'm going to show you how to do the wireless enrollment mode on the DSC PowerSeries Neo. The wireless enrollment mode is a pretty nice process because it takes you through start to finish on doing all the programming you'll need for that wireless device. So let's go to the table and we'll get started.

Add a sensor to a garage door. So, to do that, the easiest way is with wireless. The Neo's PowerG wireless is a great technology, has great range. It's encrypted, etc. So it's a good option if you wanna have a hybrid system like this. So, we're gonna do an example for a wireless zone as well. And to do that, we're going to go to our wireless section which is "804." And then we're going to wanna go to enroll device. So it's already on that, so we'll just hit "*." So now, you have two options here. You can enroll with the enroll button on the wireless device or you can just enter the serial number.

So, here's my wireless device. I've already got the cover off obviously. Not sure if you can see that very well, but there's a sticker here with an ID. It's a seven-digit number. You just enter that in or there's an enroll button which is right here. Basically, just hold that down for about two seconds. When the light comes on, you release it and it automatically transmits the number.

And you can verify that it matches "1010818." So that matches. So, you push "*" to confirm and then the keypads are automatically going to show up with the first available zone for wireless, so 009. Technically, you could put…start at 005 on this system since we don't have anything connected to it. But, in my opinion, if you have available hardwired terminal, it's best just to leave it open just in case you wanna use it later.

So we have the first eight zones available for hardwired. Now, I have to leave it like that. So, we're definitely gonna start on 009, so we'll hit "*." And so, now you see it's asking for a zone definition, so this is why we didn't have to set it up in 001 like the hardwired zones because when you go to the wireless enrollment mode, it automatically asks for it.

And so we're gonna use delay two here, so we'll enter "002" and then select partition. So, this is also why we didn't have to set this up in our partition mask in 201 because it does automatically in here. And, again, if you want it on a different partition, automatically partition one is gonna activate. You can turn it off and turn another partition on.

We'll leave it on partition one, obviously, for this system. And when you're done selecting your partitions, you'll push "#." And so now, it's gonna actually go into the zone label programming. I'm gonna go through all the zone labels here in a minute, so we're gonna leave this at zone 9 for now. So you push "*." Scroll until you get to save. Push "*" again.

And so, then it goes to…back to the top. If you had a second, third, fourth, fifth, etc., wireless device, you just go through the process again for that wireless device. And once you have logged on and all your programming for those zones is done. So, wireless enrollment mode is pretty nice on this system, how it gets all your programming done in one place.

So you have it. There's quite a few steps with the wireless enrollment mode, but the Neo takes you through and walks you through each step pretty easily. And you can always refer to the video or we have more resources like this on our website if you need additional help. If you like the video and found it helpful, make sure you like it, subscribe to our channel. And thank you and I'll see you in the next video.