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DSC PowerSeries NEO Panel Default Programming Reset

How to factory default programming on the DSC PowerSeries Neo

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Hi, I'm Jason with, and in today's video, I'm going to be walking you through doing a hardware reset on the DSC PowerSeries NEO.

A hardware reset is a pretty easy process, but it can save you a lot of the time, trouble, and money. If you've got, you know, control panel that somebody installed for you and they changed the installer code, but you're wanting to add some devices yourself, make changes yourself, or if you've got a control panel that you bought and accidentally changed the installer code to something and you don't know what it is, the hardware reset can really save you. So let's go ahead and go to the panel and we'll get started.

Doing a hardware reset is a pretty easy process, just has few steps to doing it. All you'll need to accomplish it, other than your tools that you'll need, is this little jumper wire, just has be long enough for jumping between PGM 1 and Zone 1.

So first step is to power down the control panel. So first, you have to unplug your transformer from the wall. And then to fully power down, you also have to remove the backup battery. You just have to take one of the wires off the backup battery, and that'll power down.

Next step is, if you have any wires in PGM 1 or Zone 1, you need to take them out. Just like that. And then replace those wires with your jumper. Just like that. Now, take your power transformer, plug it back in. And you're gonna wait one minute. So you just wanna start a timer or however you wanna do it. Use your watch. And we're not gonna make you sit here through it for this. We'll jump ahead a minute and then show the next steps.

So after the minute is up, you're just going to power the system back down by unplugging the backup battery. I'm sorry, the power transformer. And then remove your jumper. You wanna replace your wires in PGM 1 and Zone 1. Just like that. And then you can plug in your backup battery and your power transformer. Your system will reboot now and it'll be at factory defaults, so you will need to re-enroll any of your modules, keypads, and things like that.

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