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DSC PowerSeries NEO Icon Keypad Buzzer Tutorial

Having problems hearing keypad noises? Our DSC NEO ICON Keypad Buzzer Tutorial will help.

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Hi, my name's Jason, with In today's video, I'm going to show you how to change the tone of the keypad buzzer on a DSC PowerSeries NEO keypad, specifically, the ICON keypad. It's a little bit different process than what it shows in the manual, so this video should help you out if you have an ICON keypad. And, unfortunately, with the PowerSeries NEO keypads, you can't actually change the volume. You can change the pitch of the keypad buzzer, though. So, if you're losing your hearing in the upper ranges, which is pretty common with older people, as well as, you know, many other people start losing that kind of hearing at a much younger age, making the pitch a little bit lower can often make the keypad buzzer sound louder. So, we'll get started at the table and show you how to do that.

So, one common question we get, especially for people, you know, a lot of times are older, or they may have a lot of upper pitch hearing loss, is that their keypad's a little too quiet. Now, for the full message keypad, that's an easy thing to change. Just follow the instructions in the manual. For the ICON keypad, though, it's a little bit more difficult. It doesn't say how to do it in the manual, but it's a pretty easy process that you can do. And, with it, you can actually change the pitch of the tone for the keypad, which, if you have the high-pitched hearing loss, a lot of times, that will allow you to be able to hear it a little better if you put it on a lower pitch.

So, to do that, we're going to go to into '* 6', and then you'll enter your master code. Defaults were, here, is just '1-2-3-4', but you'll use whatever you have programmed in. And then, you're going to type in '14'. You'll get a triple-beep there. And from here, you're just going to use the arrow keys to change the pitch. So, it gets lower and lower as you push the left until it'll eventually turn off, and then it will go back, all the way up, and start going down again. So, you'll just select whichever pitch works well for you, and once you have that selected, you're just going to push '#'. And you can push '#' again to get out of '* 6', and now the keypad's going to be on the new tone that you selected, which, again, you know, if you have your door chime active, it can help you hear it from a little further away.

If that still doesn't take care of it for you, we suggest adding a little Piezo siren that can actually follow the keypad chime, which will help project the sound a lot further, especially in different rooms, things like that, which can be useful for anyone, even if you don't have hearing loss.

As you can see, it's a pretty easy process. There's not much to it. Hopefully, that will help you get that tone into a better range for your hearing. And if you liked the video and found it helpful, make sure you hit the Like button, subscribe to our channel, and you can always visit our website,, for more resources like this, as well as equipment. Thanks, and I'll see you in the next video.