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MG PA-100 piezo sounder


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MG PA-100 piezo sounder

The MG PA-100 piezo sounder is an add on piezo that can be used in places that need them for extra notification. The PA-100 is a single tone piezo that has a steady tone. It uses two wires for operation. A positive wire and a negative wire. You can mount the piezo with the included mounting tabs or with the removable face nut. At 20 mA; this is considered to be a very low current draw sounder so you won't have to worry about drawing too much power if you close to the alarm's power output limit. This unit is also very compact and you can put it in an out of the way location in a room and it'll hardly be noticed.

The main use for these would be for notification. You might have a driveway entry device attached to your alarm system and you'd like to hear a noise being played when it gets activated. Another use that is common is to use these with a system's programmable outputs so that it sounds when ever a zone is violated. This way a person doesn't need to get another keypad just to hear a notification noise. 


Operating voltage: 3 - 28 VDC
Sound output: 90 dB 
Current draw: 20 mA @ 28 VDC
Dimensions: 1.2” x 1”
Color: Black
Material: High impact plastic
Wiring: Red-positive, Black-common



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