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DSC PowerSeries NEO HS2LCDWF9ENG Keypad Only Setup

How to setup and program a DSC PowerSeries NEO without a wired keypad

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Hi, Chris here with Today I want to explain to you and demonstrate how to set up DSC PowerSeries NEO alarm system using only wireless keypads. So, here we are with the equipment we're gonna need to make this happen today. We have our PowerSeries NEO panel, right here. We have our HSM2HOST9, that's our transceiver module that lets us be wireless, and then we have our wireless keypad right here. You'll notice I've gone ahead and wired here. We have wiring videos that you can watch. I don't want to put you through the pain of watching me wire this up. We have our A/C wired, of course, and then we have our transceiver wired to the panel. We just use the core bus, the same red, black, yellow, green wires that we use on basically all of our systems. So we're gonna get started here. Before I go any further, though, I need to let you know that the next couple steps are very simple, very simple, but they have to be done in order for this enrollment to be successful. So the first thing we're going to do is power up our alarm panel. So I've not yet batteried my keypad. I'm gonna power it up next. And you'll see it says powering up. It shows me its ESN and it takes just a moment. There's quite a bit going on the NEO. I'm waiting for a message. It's gonna prompt me and tell me what to do. "Hold [1] and [*] to enroll the keypad." I can do that. Now it's just a waiting game. We wait for confirmation. The screen, more than likely, will go black but that's okay. When it's ready it will let us know. But believe it or not that one button press or two button press will take care of enrolling the HOST9 and the keypad on this system. And at this point, I have a live keypad, it's enrolled, and I'm ready to go into programming mode, then finish programming this system. Thanks for checking out our video. I truly hope it helps your install goes smoothly. We're adding new videos each week so check back often, or better yet subscribe to our channel. Until next time, I'm Chris for