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Why can't I enroll the PG9914 into the DSC NEO version 1.3?


If you've purchased a DSC PG9914 Wireless PowerG Digital Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector for your DSC NEO version 1.3 panel; there is one issue. The PG9914 was made to be released with the DSC NEO version 1.4 panels. Since those panels, at the time of writing this (5/16/2108), are not yet released then we will have to do a workaround when entering the serial number.

The PG9914 wireless ID numbers begin with '126'. The DSC NEO panels that are version 1.3 will not accept this ID number as is. DSC has informed us that to use the PG9914 with the version 1.3 NEO panel you will have to change that '126' to a '120'. The other numbers after that will remain the same.