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Which alarm panels are compatible with


We carry 8 alarm systems that are compatible with 6 are fully compatible and 2 are legacy systems that is backwards compatible with. The fully compatible systems are: Interlogix Simon XT, Interlogix Simon XTi-5, Interlogix NetworX, DSC Impassa, DSC PowerSeries NEO, and DSC Touch. The legacy systems are DSC PowerSeries (V4.2+) and Honeywell Vista (2005 or newer).

If you’re looking for a new alarm system that you want to work with, we’d recommend going with one of the DSC fully compatible systems. We’re big fans of DSC here and the 3 options give you a wide range of styles and price ranges that you should be able to find something to fit your needs.

If you already have the DSC PowerSeries or Honeywell Vista, adding the appropriate System Enhancement Module (SEM) will allow you to take advantage of the vast majority of features.