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Thinking of adding some great tools for your security system? Why not consider going wireless? Nearly every one of the latest and most advanced alarm systems today can utilize wireless technology that makes protecting your home or office way easier. We have compiled some of our top picks on wireless sensors and remotes for alarm systems that could be great additions to your home security. Take into account each product’s uniqueness, quality, and functionality, and know which one fits your needs. We have also arranged them by brand and compatibility for your convenience.

DSC 433MHz Accessories

DSC WS4916 Wireless Smoke Detector with Built-In Heat Sensor

Sometimes our home or workplace isn’t really suited for hardwiring. That’s why if you’re looking for a reliable smoke and fire detector and don’t have the space for wires, this wireless smoke detector is just what you need. This unit also has a unique feature that prevents false alarms from ever occurring. Easy to install and maintain, this wireless unit is recommended for any home or office that has any DSC system with wireless compatibility.

DSC WS4904P Wireless Motion Sensor

Perfect in tandem with other DSC alarms, this unit is a passive infrared motion detector that is easy to install. This wireless motion sensor is ideal for homes with pets due to its pet immune function. You no longer have to deal with your pets triggering false alarms and environmental reads since this motion detector carefully identifies the movement of any object with the proper heat signature to distinguish an intruder.

DSC PowerG Accessories

DSC PowerSeries NEO PG9975 PowerG 915Mhz Vanishing Wireless Door/Window Contact

At only $34.73 a pop, the PG9975 is a thin wireless door and window contact that helps protect the perimeter of your home. Need a wireless sensor that blends right with your home’s features? This unit is just what you’re looking for. Its low profile design helps it seem unnoticeable, making it effective at catching intruders when they try breaking in through your doors or windows.

DSC PowerSeries NEO PG9949 PowerG 915Mhz Wireless 2-Button Key

If simplicity is your thing, you’ll love the PG9949. One button to unlock, another button to unlock lock—that’s it! It also has a panic function for when you depress both buttons simultaneously. This no-frills key has a battery life of five years with typical use. It’s also water resistant and features a full two-second delay for the panic button to avoid false alarms. A clip-and-neck strap lets you place it on your person comfortably. For those who want simple and dependable functionality, this key is a great pick for a little under $30.

Honeywell/Ademco Accessories

Ademco 5800SS1 Wireless Shock Sensor

An easy-to-use alarm sensor, this wireless shock sensor is tuned to avoid false alarms. It can be mounted on any glass and is compatible with the Lynx and Honeywell 5800 systems. Unlike most traditional sensors, this unit monitors vibrations across glass surfaces. It is triggered by banging on a surface, so breaking in through any floor-to-ceiling glass window in your home will surely set off an alarm.

Easy to install and barely noticeable, this wireless transmitter has a magnetic contact and can be shallow-recessed in doors or windows without compromising the door or window’s stability and features, eliminating concerns about voiding window warranties. As the smallest wireless recessed transmitter in the market, it can protect you from house break-ins while remaining virtually invisible. It can also work with the Lynx and Honeywell 5800 systems.

Honeywell 5802WXT Personal Panic Transmitter

Need some peace of mind whenever you’re inside your home? If you already have a reliable home security system that can alarm and call the authorities, this personal panic transmitter is right for you. A great alarm device for the elderly with medical conditions, this wireless alarm can be set up in your security system as a medical type or a burglary type alarm depending on your needs. At only 1.5 inches in diameter, this light and portable panic button can also be worn as an armband, belt, or necklace, keeping you safe inside your home.

2Gig Accessories

2Gig Technologies Image Sensor

A combination of PIR motion sensors and a digital still-camera makes this unit one of the best wireless sensors for home and office alarm systems. Detecting movement is not the only thing this smart alarm is capable of since it also captures photos of any intruders within the space it covers. With this smart feature, the Image Sensor gives you the traditional motion detection capability together with visual confirmation of why an alarm was activated. No more false alarms during the night! This also lets you have photographic evidence of any break-in that can help you track and catch any intruder.

2Gig Technologies Wireless CO Detector

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious threat in modern homes. In fact, carbon monoxide poisoning kills 1,000 people a year. Fortunately, this can be prevented by installing reliable carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Placing these near your furnace and vents greatly improves your chances of detecting a leak. What makes this wireless sensor great is that other than sending an alarm signal to your main security panel, it also has a built-in sound alarm that will alert you when there’s a leak. In addition, this unit also informs you when it’s time to be replaced, making maintenance a breeze.

2Gig Technologies Wireless Touch Screen Keypad

A wonderful addition to your wireless alarm system is this wireless touchscreen keypad from 2Gig Technologies. A full-color keypad, it provides the same control features as the main control panel while also giving you access to security and home automation information from any room in your house. If that’s not enough, it can also get the weather reading from outside! With this keypad, monitoring your home security will be as easy as pie.

GE Accessories

GE 60-688-95/NX454 Micro Door/Window Transmitter

This is the smallest surface-mount wireless door and window transmitter from GE. This micro transmitter works well with all kinds of GE alarm systems. It can be attached on any surface that could be vulnerable to break-ins. Under normal circumstances, this transmitter can last for approximately five to eight years. Inconspicuous? Check. Reliable? Check. Long lasting? Check.

GE 4-Button Micro Keyfob GEC-600-1064-95R

Ever need a multipurpose wireless remote for your home security system? The GE 4-Button Micro Keyfob does just that. It functions as a versatile electronic key that you can use to arm and disarm your home security without even going near your keypad or main control panel. In addition, this key fob also features a panic button function. With the right equipment and programming, you can also use it for switching the lights as well as opening and closing your garage door. Now that’s a versatile and functional wireless remote for you! With these handy wireless sensors and security remotes, your home can be protected from break-ins better than ever!

Now that you know our top picks on wireless alarm systems, are you ready to upgrade your home security system? Let us know!

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