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The Pistol Pad by Tane The Pistol Pad by Tane, Inc. is something that we are proud to offer because its potential to make home protection safer and more effective. The Pistol Pad is a unique device that lets you keep your gun out in the open and not have to worry about a burglar grabbing it and shooting you or a child accidentally grabbing the gun and shooting themselves.

We do still recommend putting it out of the reach of children, but even if your toddler happens to move this it will set off a siren in your panel. The pad works with any standard wireless transmitter that has terminals to wire in Normally Closed/Open contacts. You remove the base on the bottom and attach your transmitter and then enroll the transmitter into your alarm panel with a panic zone type. Re-secure the base and then take the circular key and unlock the mechanism that goes through a pistol's trigger hole.

Place your pistol on the pad and run the magnetic contact through the trigger and secure it in the opening on the pad. You then lock the mechanism with the key and you are set and ready for total home protection. Whenever the pistol is removed without the lock being disengaged; an alarm will sound through your panel and a siren will sound.

If you have alarm monitoring you can label that zone with them so they will call the police and tell them that a firearm has been deployed.  Also, because of the tamper switch on the bottom of the unit, if someone tries to pick up the whole pad and pistol; an alarm will also be issued. We definitely recommend this for anyone who owns a firearm and has an alarm system where wireless transmitters can be used. We think that this will cut down on accidental deaths and violent crimes in households were alarm systems are used.

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