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Smoke Detector Tester Model 25S (Institutional Size 2.5 oz.) Smoke Detector Tester Model 25S or "Canned Smoke" is a very valuable tool in making sure your alarm system's fire sensors are up and running problem free, and are ready to detect. Most of the time, issues with smoke detectors are discovered too late but, by giving them a weekly test, you could save yourself a ton of money in damaged and destroyed homes, personal property within the home, and even the lives of your loved ones and yourself.

These little, two and a half ounce aerosol containers, contain 200 + sprays for each test, that means that if you tested your system once a week, one can would last almost two years for each smoke detector... definitely worth saving a life. The Smoke Detector Tester Model 25S will trigger both "Ionization Detectors" and "Photoelectric Detectors" and has little to no odor at all so you won't be stinking the place up every time you test your detectors. For under $10.00 a can, there's NO reason every family shouldn't own at least one can of smoke.... Is your family worth it?

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