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The very idea of a criminal breaking into a home, stealing and damaging property, and even inflicting hurt toward loved ones is something that may naturally make you shudder. However, burglaries are a real threat. According to the FBI, in 2014 alone there were more than 1.7 million burglary cases in the United States. That translates to 194 incidents per hour! While the startling figures have slightly decreased, the rate is still high for burglary cases and general crime that can be easily deterred by security measures. For this reason, home security remains to be a top concern and practical issue for many.

Given the statistics, the importance of having the best alarm system for your home or business cannot be overemphasized enough. While burglary is the most common crime committed, it is also the easiest to avoid. Did you know that according to some studies, as much as 94 percent of burglars avoid homes with a monitored alarm system? Having an efficient, economical, and the best house alarm system is one of the smartest ways to protect yourself and your family against household crimes. Consistently leading the pack of alarm system providers, Honeywell Security has been providing and developing no-nonsense alarm systems since 1929.

The roster of Honeywell security systems available at the Alarm System Store contains numerous options, even for those considering a simple yet sophisticated entry-level system such as the Honeywell L5200. With the positive Honeywell alarm system reviews in mind, below are 8 reasons homeowners trust Honeywell L5200.

1. Great for Standard Use, with a Mountain of Customizable Option

Honeywell L5200 kit the best house alarm entry-level system is it can efficiently and easily function as a standard alarm system, say, for the front or back door. In addition, it is also customizable to more demanding monitoring needs and preferences with its loaded features. Advanced capabilities such as the Z wave automation allows extensive monitoring of an entire house—garage, gates, windows, you name it. It can even control other functions for lights, room temperature adjustment, smoke detection, water heating, and so on. From a fairly standard use, the device can be conveniently extended to other home security matters as it includes a wide variety of functions that other entry-level kits are incapable of doing.

2. Fully Integrated to New Technology

The up-to-date design and features are not only in keeping with the ease permitted by new technology; Honeywell L5200 likewise raises the bar of security by allowing users to either control it manually or conveniently integrate it to the Internet and other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Talk about making life easier, efficient, and secure. In the US, according to a study by Nielsen, an average person uses electronic media for as much as 11 hours a day. What’s great about integrating home security to the Internet and cellular communication is that should one mode of communication falters, there’s an immediate reliable backup to alert and inform you about alarm conditions.

This also means home security monitoring does not end when you step out the door. The user remains in the loop even when away because her or she is connected with the device. The device has a unique trademark function called Advanced Protection Logic technology, making it the best burglar alarm system. Simply put, when the APL is enabled, an alarm situation can be reported to you and your security services provider even when the system is tampered with during the entry and delay in communication times.

Be mindful that experienced burglars are aware—perhaps more than most average citizens—of the loopholes in ordinary home security systems. Forensic psychologist Claire Nee, in her useful study, warns that a number of burglars are much more efficient, systematic and persistent than we think. They are more exposed to the layout of houses and thus can navigate the ins and outs with relative ease. With the APL function of the Honeywell L2500, burglars and criminals can be deterred even when they deliberately attempt to “damage” your base system.

4. Distinguishes Between Actual Threat and False Alarm

The device can clearly distinguish between the routine of homeowners and possible threats from outsiders. Everyone knows of more than one occasion where homeowners accidentally compromise home security by leaving a door or window open after leaving or entering the house. Hence, the device comes in handy with its exit error feature because it is able to detect the difference between an actual and false alarm caused by leaving anything open after the entry and exit delay expires. The system also has a chime function, allowing users to get alerted through specific sounds when someone opens a door or any entry/exit point. The user can choose a particular sound—a door bell, a beep, or even voice announcements—to correspond to the front door, or the sliding door of the living room, or other locations.

5. More User Codes

Homeowners, especially those who have a bigger property to monitor, find the Honeywell L2500 the best house alarm system because it flexibly allows more security codes to be assigned to different persons. The kit allows up to 2 keypad codes, just as it smartly maintains one master code, one programming code, and one duress code. The other 29 unique user codes can be distributed among other family members, friends, personnel, and so on. Allowing flexibility in the number of security codes also makes the device the best alarm system for many modern workplaces.

Now that surveys show that flexible working schedules are favored by the modern labor force, businesses of all kinds and scales are responding by allowing workers to clock in outside the traditional time period of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Having different security codes allows different employees to access the workplace at different times while still keeping the office security monitored.

6. Economical for a High-Level Security System

A total of $4.7 billion in property losses has been reported by victims of burglary offenses in 2012 alone. Comparing that to Honeywell L5200 kit valued at $179.95, homeowners understand the importance of a high-level home security system that is affordable and efficient. In addition, the Wi-Fi module of the kit allows the lowest possible cost for alarm communications that include a two-way voice and remote services solution. Monthly operating costs are drastically reduced, including installation time.

The Alarm System Store offers the best deal available for Honeywell L5200 with its low-price guarantee, toll-free support, and free same day shipping on orders above $199. Everything is streamlined and economical, which makes providing security for your property and your loved ones easily implementable and affordable.

7. Added Protection Features

Honeywell alarm system reviews in online discussion boards acknowledge that the L2500 is great for more than burglary protection. Home security includes a wide number of concerns, and the device conveniently allows users to reinforce protection. A fire alarm system, for instance, can be installed for continuous detection. During emergency situations, smoke and heat detectors set off loud, uninterrupted alarm sounds even when you’re not home, alerting anyone within earshot or your security services provider to respond accordingly. Additionally, carbon monoxide detectors can also be installed. Users have a lot of security option upgrades in hand, from installing more wireless sensors to tornado alerts to medical monitoring.

8. Clear System Display and Signals

There should be no room for ambiguity in home security, especially in emergency situations. The clear system displays and signals of the Honeywell L2500, with a resolution of 470x256 pixels, 16.7 million colors, intuitive touch screen interface, and easy to understand icons, squarely add to the reasons why it is a top option as the best and most trusted alarm system today. For instance, zooming in on the icons, the device has clear illustrations of different alarm conditions such as window breakage, garage door default, motion sensor, intrusion, and so on.

As the device clearly alerts the user, a more efficient plan of action can be immediately implemented during emergency situations. The Honeywell L2500 is the best alarm system to consider for home and business use for its general ease of use and uncompromising security protection. It suits standard home protection while allowing even the most demanding security measures to be properly implemented. Homeowners are increasingly aware of the need to install an efficient home security system that effectively addresses existing threats from bad elements and natural causes. Without sacrificing affordability, accessibility, and overall solid functionality, the Honeywell L2500 from the Alarm System Store will definitely be one of the best investments you make.

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