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So you’ve taken all precautionary measures already but you still feel that it’s not enough. If you could have the chance to provide the perfect and complete security protection as part of your home safety for children, would you do it? Of course, the most logical answer is a resounding “YES!”. With possible threats, robberies, and crimes lurking around the corner, there’s no point in wasting a single second for your family’s security—especially your kids. A single second not spent wisely may spell out disaster which you might regret in the future. There’s nothing to lose when it comes to investing in foolproof house alarms and security systems for your family’s security. As they say, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Updating home security for you and your kids, as well as childproofing around the house, is easy, thanks to up-to-date home security solutions and home alarm systems that address your needs. First, let’s do a brief check on what you might have overlooked:

Series of Unfortunate Events

1. The Uninvited

Last January 22, 2015, KHOU Houston Texas reported that a mother and her two daughters aged 5 and 9 were forced in the closet by five home invaders. At the time of the robbery, the father was said to be out of town and the robbers ransacked the house for about 20 minutes. Things can still be replaced, but a person beaten is a different story. In Macclenny, Florida, a mother from Baker County and her 7-year old son were beaten by 3 suspects who broke their homes. They were treated at a hospital after the said incident.

2. Playing With Fire

Kids can be playful but they can also be at the risk of causing fires at home. In Louisiana, CNN reports that two children left alone by their mother who went to a salon for styling died because of a house fire. Authorities said that two gas heaters were left unattended and caused the fire in the living room which destroyed the entire house. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that in 2013, an estimated 1,240,000 fires happened in the country, with property loss estimated at $11.5 billion, and 3,240 civilian fire fatalities. These statistics can be decreased and fire fatalities can be avoided by simply installing smoke sensors in the key areas of your house that may be the starting point of fire incidents, such as the kitchen. Whether you go wireless or wired, you’ll have the peace of mind that your kids will be safe from possible fire incidents through the help of smoke sensors.

3. Abusive Nannies

Child safety is always a priority, and nothing beats the feeling of assurance that your kids are safe and sound even while you are at work, or whenever you need to go outside the house for other matters. Though it might help to get a neighbor to lookout for your kids or hiring a nanny, sometimes they can also be the cause of misery of your kids. If you are suspicious of your nanny doing questionable things at home or hurting your children, it is definitely a good idea to install security cameras so you know the real deal of your nanny’s movements. Be sure to have a covert spy camera located on your living room or at your child’s bedroom to see if your kid is telling the truth about his/her nanny. Just make sure these cameras are well positioned, fully functional, and tell your kids that it is a secret between you and them.

4. Not So Kiddie Pool

Installing a kiddie pool at your home for your child’s enjoyment is definitely a great idea for them to enjoy the outdoors and practice water activities. But your pool might also be one of those danger zones for your kids. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death worldwide, having an estimated number of 372,000 annual deaths due to drowning. WHO further reports that children, especially those who have increased water access, are at high risk of drowning. In order to keep your kids safe while enjoying the pool, install a pool-spa alarm to be notified of unauthorized pool use. This will also help kids to be safe if ever there are pool-related incidents that might occur at the middle of their fun pool time.

5. When A Stranger Calls

Aside from teaching your kids not to talk to strangers, it helps if you give them useful information about burglars. If there are suspicious persons sneaking at the windows or the back door, your child must maintain presence of mind and remain calm enough to take the next precautionary measures. This is helpful, especially if your child is still small, a security camera that allows you for remotely monitor them through your mobile or PC through the internet is a great help so that you are easily alerted once burglars are lurking around your house.

Ensuring Kids’ Safety, At All Times

Now, you may or may not have encountered all the mishaps mentioned above but as parents wanting the best for their kids at all times, you seek for the best and complete security. If you’re looking for a viable option, you might want to consider having the DSC PowerSeries Neo system. From motion detectors, trigger relays, and sirens, you’ll be able to protect your kids from human, fire, and other harmful home incidents. This system is easy to use and can easily be integrated with multiple keypads for better control of your home security.

This is your best ally for you to be alerted of intruders, even when you’re away from home. *The DSC PowerSeries PG9934P Wireless PowerG PIR Motion Detector w/ Integrated Camera, valued at $122 A motion detector combined with an integrated camera is the best choice for those who want to achieve security and peace of mind with just a single product. When suspicious movement is detected in the house, the detector activates the camera, automatically sends the system an alert and forwards images to the central monitoring station to review, verify and respond accordingly. This is often referred to as video alarm verification.

With 2-3 years average life span of its battery, you’re sure that this detector will be on its tip-top condition to alert you of possible fires. *DSC PowerSeries PG9926 PowerG 915Mhz Wireless Smoke Detector, valued at $75.61 If you’re looking for a wireless smoke detector that can easily alert you and the fire department of possible fire incidents, then the DSC PowerSeries PG9926 PowerG 915Mhz Wireless Smoke Detector is just right for you. You’ll be easily alerted once this detector sends out a signal to you while also signaling the central monitoring station to call the nearby fire station. This is run by long-life lithium batteries and has a function that allows you to see if the battery is running low, so you don’t risk the possibility of having a detector that is not fully functioning especially during the time that you need it the most.

A single press of a wireless panic key can spell out the difference between danger and safety of your kids at home. *DSC PowerSeries PG9938 PowerG 915Mhz Wireles Panic Key, valued at $43.47 Aside from teaching your kids to be aware of strangers lurking outside the house, it is best to teach them how to reach you in a subtle way when danger strikes at home. The DSC PowerSeries PG9938 PowerG 915Mhz Wireless Panic Key is of great help, especially when your kids need to alert you of house dangers. No need to fret of false alarms, since this device has a 2-second delay for its button press to avoid wrong and false alarms being set off by your kids. Another important feature of this panic key is its ability to send a silent signal to the central monitoring station, so your kids can instantly warn you of their abusive nannies without them noticing it.

The Real Deal For Home Safety

Children are parents’ most important treasure. When they are sick, you would do everything to make them feel better. As much as possible you’d want to keep them away from danger. With that in mind, your home should always be the safest sanctuary for you and your kids. If your home is at risk of potential dangers, you need to enhance your home security systems to ensure their safety at all times. Investing time and money with these home security items is nothing compared to the uneasy and worse feeling that you might encounter when something bad happens to your kids. Secure your kids’ safety at home with reliable products that only provide the best protection that you can have. *DSC PowerSeries NEO products are capable of professional monitoring, available at

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