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People are always on the lookout for new models of smartphones. After the purchase, they buy a shock-proof casing, put a scratch-proof protector, and download apps to personalize their new phone.

power up home security
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That kind of care and attention should be extended to your security systems, too. Investing on a high-quality, reliable, and comprehensive home security equipment is a good start. But just like most electronic devices, security systems should also be upgraded with alarm system accessories to ensure that it outperforms all security threats, risks, and tech-savvy burglars.

The DSC PowerSeries Neo is your most comprehensive hybrid system in the market. It combines traditional hardwired security with the simplicity of wireless devices. The system promises enhanced convenience and accessibility, as well as better security and privacy. It also cuts installation time in half because of minimal wiring requirements when using wireless components.

This DSC Neo wireless is powered by PowerG technology, the wireless communication technology that secures communications with multi-channel frequency hopping. The PowerSeries Neo also has cellular and IP capabilities for real-time delivery of information and alerts.

DSC NEO 3G8080AT Cellular Communicator

It uses High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) communications, which is a combination of two mobile protocols to improve the performance of existing 3G mobile telecommunication networks. It can also use a 2-way voice verification system, which is directly connected to the provider’s command security center.

The good thing about this cellular communicator is that it is ready; it also adds Z-Wave capabilities for home automation purposes.

DSC PowerSeries NEO TL280E Internet Alarm Communicator

tl280e internet alarm communicator
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Elevating the features of the cellular communicator is the TL280E Internet Alarm Communicator. With this home security accessory, your control panel can send a signal to the central monitoring service via the Internet. Your burglary signals are also secure because it uses a 128-bit encryption.

DSC NEO 3G8080IAT Cellular Communicator with Image Sensor Support

Just when you thought the Internet alarm communicator couldn’t get any better, DSC adds image sensors to it. The 3G8080IAT is designed to work with NEO image sensors, which are motion detectors with built-in cameras. When this is activated, the camera can automatically snap a picture of the area or event. With, you can actually view these pictures remotely.

DSC PowerSeries NEO HSM2208 Low Current Output Module

If you want to personalize your security system, you might need a low current output module such as the HSM2208. This will allow you to expand the efficiency of your device by adding up to 8 programmable outputs to your DSC PowerSeries Neo. These programmable outputs will give you more flexibility. You may trigger extra sirens or support your smoke detectors.

DSC PowerSeries NEO HSM2108 8-Hardwired Zone Expander Module

8 hardwired zone expander-module
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In a list of the best security system accessories, you will always encounter zones. These are basically the areas of the house that you want your alarm system to focus on. The HSM2108 is an 8-hardwired zone expander that will let you add more hardwired zones on top of the initial zones in your main control panel.

DSC PowerSeries NEO HSM2300 Power Supply Module

power supply module
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The PowerSeries Neo is very cost-effective in terms of maintenance because you would only need to change the battery every five to seven years. Having said that, additional power supply shouldn’t hurt. The HSM2300 brings with it an additional 1.0A of current. You can use this extra power when you are coming close to the maximum power output of your panel.

DSC PowerSeries HSM2HOST9 PowerG 915Mhz Host Transceiver Module

The DSC Neo is very user-friendly, and the HSM2HOST9 makes it even more so. This DIY alarm system has a two-way wireless transceiver that adds wireless capability to the unit’s alarm controllers. It is connected to a controller that receives wireless signals. It comes with a manual for easy DIY installation, programming, and maintenance.

DSC PowerSeries PG9984P Wireless PowerG Dual Technology Security Motion Detector

dual technology security motion-detector
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This motion detector uses a combination of parabolic mirror optics with extremely high optical gain for superior detection sensitivity. It also uses obsidian black mirror technology, which features a surface that can filter white light interference for increased detection sensitivity. Apart from this, it can also detect using temperature as it uses digital temperature compensation. Better detection sensitivity with technology means fewer false alarms, which saves the local police a lot of resources.

DSC PowerSeries PG9912 Wireless PowerG Glass Break Detector

When we think of burglars, we always imagine them breaking window glasses to access entry. But with PG9912, you can allay those fears away. This DSC PowerSeries NEO accessory for homes and small establishments employs an advanced acoustic pattern recognition technology that is capable of distinguishing between the sound of a breaking glass from other sounds. It also provides notification of the breakage.

DSC PowerSeries PG9975 Wireless PowerG Door and Window Security Contact

door and window security contact
Photo courtesy of neshom via Pixabay

This is the PowerSeries Neo accessory that you install in common intrusion areas such as the door and windows. It communicates with the system to report opening and closing of doors. It is equipped with a visible signal quality LED indicator to allow the installer to choose its optimal location. The best thing about this accessory is that it is the smallest and most unobtrusive device, and its casing is designed to blend with home decor.

DSC PowerSeries PG9985 Wireless PowerG Flood Detector

powerg flood detector
Photo courtesy of terimakasih0 via Pixabay

You shouldn’t only be alerted in case of fire or burglary but also other events such as flooding. The PG9985 is a two-way wireless flood detector that can sense the presence of water. It is connected to the security device via a 6-feet cable, but its transmitter is installed at a higher level on the wall with the probe located at a desired height. In case of flooding, the probe will detect moisture and deliver the information to the system.

DSC PowerSeries PG9929 Wireless PowerG Security 4-Button Panic Key

This is the accessory that you bring with you. Sleek and slim, this 4-button panic key lets you arm or disarm the system as you approach the building. You may also use it to call for help when near or inside the building to give you added protection. It also provides both visual and audible verification of commands.

There is a need to constantly update and upgrade your security systems no matter how hi-tech or modern they seem. Sure, installing security systems does guarantee home and family security while updating ensures that you are able to maximize its potential and that it is even more capable to keep you and your family safe.

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