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 Optex iVision 2-Way Intercom System with Video The Optex iVision 2-Way Intercom System with Video is great for those who would like to know who's at the door before they answer it.  This is a video surveillance camera that acts as a doorbell, video & image capture device, and an intercom all-in-one! This system features two devices. One device is the doorbell/camera part that you put by your front door where your regular doorbell would be. The second part of the kit is a viewing mechanism that can be hand-held or placed on it's charging dock.

The great thing about the Optex iVision 2-Way Intercom System with Video is that when someone rings your doorbell; video capture is instantly initiated and you can view the person standing on your door step. You may then go answer your door or you may press the intercom button to start a two-way conversation with them. This unit also works when you are away from home. When someone rings your doorbell when you're away the camera captures a picture of them for you so that you may see who visited while you were at the grocery store or wherever you happen to be. I would definitely recommend this for seniors or for families with young children.

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