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Imagine coming home from work or vacation only to find out that your valuables have been stolen. Nightmare! Unfortunately, for many homeowners, burglary is not a simple figment of the imagination; it is a palpable threat and reality.

tv, latptop, and electronics
Photo courtesy of andremergulhaum via Pixabay

Burglaries in the United States amount to nearly 1.73 million. The aftermath of these crimes go from emotional anxiety to financial damages caused by stolen and damaged valuables. You see, the consequences of burglaries can be serious not only for your safety, but also for your finances. What burglars steal at home are expensive and sentimental items.

What are these most commonly stolen items that you need to secure? We’ve listed down the top 9 valuables you need to protect from burglars.

1. TV, Laptop, and Electronics

Gadget theft is extremely common nowadays. In fact, a laptop is an item stolen every 53 seconds according to research as cited by The Guardian. Aside from that, burglars also adore flat-screen TVs and Macbooks as much as we do. These are considered big ticket items in a burglar’s list. The reason is they are easy to re-sell or pawn. These valuables are also notoriously difficult to trace and recover. Because electronic items can be so obvious if they’re taken out through your front door, burglars usually use your side doors and windows.

Secure these items by installing a glass shock sensors like the GE 5150W Glass Shock Sensor – a surface mounted shock sensor that detects vibration from glass or other objects that are being beaten upon. You can get it at a trusted home security store like Alarm System Store low-price guarantee and offering toll-free support for security devices and items.

2. Power Tools

power tools
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Your power tools in your garage are far and away some of the most vulnerable during a home invasion. Quality power tools are worth some money too. They have a high resale value and are usually very portable. No wonder burglars target them to get a tidy sum of cash in return.

3. Prescribed Medications

prescribed medications
Photo courtesy by Ajale via Pixabay

It might be surprising for you to learn this: medications are among the common things stolen from homes. There’s a huge market especially for prescribed medications. Antidepressants, antibiotics, and cancer drugs can be expensive. Burglars may want these for their own use or to actually sell them. Medications are easy to conceal and place in a burglar’s pocket. Secure your bathroom cabinet because this is among the first places a burglar will search.

4. Jewelry and Precious Accessories

jewelry and precious accessories
Photo courtesy of Sponchia via Pixabay

Jewelries like pearl necklaces, rings with precious stones, and watches are always included in a burglar’s target items. In many homes, jewelries are usually stored in the same place: the master’s bedroom. A burglar will try to enter your master bedroom and immediately open drawers for those valuable sparklers.While considering having a diversion safe is a good option, one of the better home security tips is to install a crystal clear vision surveillance camera in your bedroom, such as the high-resolution Outdoor IP camera from Onvif that’s also great for dark areas. This allows you to clearly monitor and record a break-in so the authorities can effectively help you recover your valuables

5. Firearms

Photo courtesy of Brett_Hondow via Pixabay

Hundreds of millions worth of firearms are stolen by burglars. If you own a gun and improperly store it at home, a burglar will likely claim it as his own. Firearms have a high resale value on the streets. A burglar will not have any difficulty finding an interested buyer for your gun. And the last thing you want is for a burglar to use your own weapon in committing a crime. For your own and others’ safety, properly secure your firearm.

6. Art and Furniture

art and furniture
Photo courtesy of fda54 via Pixabay

A miniature painting or an antique chair can earn a burglar big bucks. These items are in demand in an increasingly expensive art market. When you’re often away for vacation or work, modern burglars can easily steal these items if you don’t have a security system.

7. Designer Handbags and Clothing

designer handbags and clothing
Photo courtesy of jackmac34 via Pixabay

A lot of burglars use social media and they would use it to stalk their victims. Designer goods and luxury clothings have increased in popularity, thanks to celebrities who flaunt them online, and burglars could make easy money from these. A designer handbag, for example, can cost thousands of dollars.

To make it harder for burglars to steal from you and get away with it: start by having a covert surveillance and alarm system such as the DSC Touch Wireless Alarm Systems which can easily blend into your home. It’s one of the best anti-theft tips for the style conscious who want their alarm devices to be subtle and discreet. But remember that having a yard sign or window decals warning would be burglars of the protection in your home is a great deterrent.

8. Cash and Wallet

cash and wallet
Photo courtesy of Erdenebayar via Pixabay

Cash, essentially, is why burglars do what they do. Most burglars aren’t into their misdeed for the thrill of it; they want cash or a valuable item to make cash with. Bear in mind, however, that clever burglars will not go after your wallet simply for cash. In some cases, burglars would even steal your identity too.

Do you now have a better idea on how to keep these commonly stolen items at home safe from burglars? Remember that it can take only 6 seconds for burglars to enter your home and rob you of. Investing in home security can ensure that your valuables are safe and that you can have peace of mind knowing that they will remain secure at all times.

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