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Who is at the door
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You would think that the home is the safest place for your children. You baby-proofed it as much as you can, hired a caring nanny, and made it so comfortable for your children. But when it comes child safety, we can never let our guard down. No threat is petty and no danger is minor. Parents go to extreme lengths to keep their kids safe. However, the facts are still not that kind. Safe Kids Worldwide found that 3.5 million children get injured at home and are rushed to the hospital. Accidents such as falling, choking, and getting cuts or burns are among the most common ones. The research also showed that the top three home safety concerns related to children are fire, falling, and burglary. Yes, burglary. No one is immune from it. This is why getting reliable home alarm systems should never be undervalued when shopping for home security tools for kids. Studies have shown that without a security system, homes are 300% more likely to be broken into. Homes with children are also viewed to be more vulnerable. In this article, we will help you secure kids inside the house with the latest security devices. These devices will help you have some peace of mind wherever you are.

Know who is at the door

Parents can’t rely solely on education to keep children safe. No matter how many times parents tell their kids not to talk to strangers, sometimes they still do or strangers trick them into doing it. One device to keep kids safe is a video door phone or video door entry. It is like an intercom system but with a video showing who is at the door. This means there is no need to unlock or open the door when a stranger or a suspicious-looking individual comes knocking.

Sensing smoke and fire

Sensing smoke and fire
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As reported by Safe Kids, fire is the top most concern of parents. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were almost 1.3 million fires reported in the United States in 2014. A home becomes more vulnerable to fire with playful kids around. So when you purchase security tools, don’t miss out on smoke sensors. Install them in key areas around the house. Always refer to local regulations when installing smoke detectors.

Don’t forget the windows

AAP Gateways cites that more than 5,000 children are rushed to emergency rooms in US hospitals every year after falling from a window. Add a level of security with a window sensor to immediately alert you if an accident occurred or a burglar tried to break in through the window. It is also advised to keep furniture which kids can use to climb out of the house, away from windows.

Spying the nanny

Working parents hire nannies to take care of their children. But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch over your child and the nanny while you’re away. Install covert spy cameras or surveillance cameras in your kid’s bedroom, living room, and other key areas. It is better to ensure child safety with these devices than regret about it for the rest of your life.

Access baby monitors

Most home alarm systems today give you the power to monitor your home and loved ones wherever you are. With just a reliable Internet connection, you can access live video feeds from your phone. You can see if your baby is sleeping safely in her crib or comfortably lying on a couch. Aside from ensuring security, baby monitors also help you not miss a special milestone of your baby that might happen while you are away.

Announcing safe arrival

From the time of class dismissal to the time the kids get home always gets parents worried. They often ask nannies to text or call them right away as soon as their child arrives from school. But what if she lies or fails to contact you? Put motion sensors in your front and back door to help you keep track of your child. These devices can be set up to automatically send you a text message as soon as your child comes home from school. You could also get notified if the alarm is not disarmed by a certain time.

Record and save evidence

Among the top home security devices for homes with children are alarm systems that automatically record and save an incident such as a break-in. Aside from helping the police resolve the case, such device could also alert you by sending the recorded video to your phone. If the babysitter invites a stranger over, you will also be alerted.

Security by the pool

No outdoor swimming pool should be without an alarm. Aside from the dangers of drowning or slipping, strangers may just come in and snatch your kids. The GRI DPA-10 Pool Spa Alarm is an efficient pool alarm mounted on the wall and connected to the magnetic reed switches that are placed in the entrance of the structure. The self-contained alarm will emit a loud siren in case of any entry so that you are always alerted of activity near the pool.

Alerting the police

Alerting the police
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The latest home alarm systems have two-way communication features that allow the security provider to differentiate a serious threat from a false alarm directly from the panel. If a serious threat is detected, the police are alerted and response time is reduced. This is important for a home with children because no human action, such as calling 911, is necessary to alert authorities.

Wearing security

When you go to an alarm store to purchase security systems, don’t just settle for things you can mount on the wall or the ceiling. Some of the best security tools for kids are those they can wear. Among the most popular are smart bands that have a GPS and locator feature to help parents keep track of their children’s whereabouts. Home alarm systems do not only keep the bad guys out. They also help keep children safe when parents can’t be there with them. They make it possible for the modern parent to still watch over their children wherever they are and have peace of mind.

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