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The new Honeywell Lynx Touch L5100 is the upgrade to Honeywell's Lynx Touch L5000 panel and it's what a lot of people having been waiting for! The newest upgrade in the Lynx family will let anyone use the absolute latest in security, home automation, and monitoring options. The display on the L5100 has been upgraded to resemble the display of the Tuxedo keypad. It will display, upon connection to Total Connect, the weather in your local area. The first feature that the new L5100 will let you have is the ability to add a full Z-Wave controller just like the one that is already built into Honeywell's TUXEDO keypad by adding the L5100-ZWAVE Z-Wave® Control Communication Module. The L5100-ZWAVE will allow the L5100 to control the following:
  • Up to three thermostats
  • Four door locks
  • 40 devices (lights, switches and lamp modules)
  • 20 scenes
  • 20 rules (event based actions)
  • 20 schedules (time based actions)

One really cool function of the Z-Wave device is that if you have a Z-Wave lock; you can set the panel up to disarm when a user code is typed into the lock's keypad. The L5100 will let you have the home automation features that you've been wanting with a great security system running behind it to protect your home and belongings. Another one of the newest features of the upgraded Lynx Touch is the ability for the panel to communicate to a central station monitoring service over the 4G network. With the GSMVLP5-4G  the panel can send signal over the world's fastest wireless network so that your alarm condition get noticed quickly.

They are also have an Android device, the MID-7H, that will allow you to connect to the panel to check system status and control it. This all comes with Honeywell's Total connect service. Unlike the functionality of some self-monitoring remote control and access you got if you bought their TUXEDO keypad; the L5100 is totally reliant on Total Connect for any remote control and access. This is a very nice upgrade that Honeywell has made to the Lynx series and it's just another way Honeywell is staying a step ahead of the pack in the alarm industry.

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