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The Honeywell GSMV Cellular Communicator is a great way for you to add full contact ID reporting over GSM to a central station monitoring service. You can use this unit as a backup to your existing land-line or for primary reporting. This unit handles Contact ID reporting using ECP mode with compatible Honeywell control panels or combined with optional dialer capture for non-ECP capable control panels. Dialer capture mode means that it pulls the signal from your panels phone line connections. That means that instead of hooking into your ECP terminals, where your keypads hook into, you can have it report this way as well.

This unit should be used with Honeywell panels but you could also use this on another panel where you could use the dialer capture mode. Not only does the GSMV report fully to a central station, but it also gives the owner of the alarm system the capability, for an extra fee and added peripherals, to communicate with the central station via two-way voice communication. This will give you piece of mind especially if the alarm system is installed in a residence that has an elderly person living there. They can talk with the station operator in case of a medical emergency. A very good unit that will give you piece of mind if you have worries about someone cutting your phone line or if you have no phone line at all.

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