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The Honeywell 6280 color graphic voice touchscreen keypad (comes in 6280S which is silver or 6280W which is white around the screen). This is Honeywell's newest offering if you are looking to add a touchscreen keypad option to your Vista system. This keypad has a graphical interface that matches the icons from the Honeywell Total Connect graphics, which makes it easier to understand if you get the total connect monitoring add-on later. It also has the voice annunciation for all system status conditions, that means if you don’t understand the icons it will speak to you. It will only speak in the English language. This new Honeywell 6280 keypad not only displays what your alarm is doing, but it can be a digital picture frame or play videos as well. This makes it not only useful as a keypad but fun as well. The keypad can accept many user codes, but can only store descriptions for ten users. This means that if you assign the first ten people codes; then you can put their names alongside the codes so that you never forget who has what code.


High-resolution, 7" widescreen 640 x 480 TFT display 16 million colors capability to display vivid images Intuitive touchscreen display with icons and menu driven prompts (English only) Digital picture frame, slide show or home movies through standard SD card Available in two colors - Silver: Ideal for kitchens with stainless steel appliances, garages and basements - White: Blends seamlessly with lighter décors Three languages can be displayed - English - Spanish (Latin American) - French Canadian Voice annunciation of type and location of alarm (English only) Family message center that lets end-users record and playback messages Entry/Exit countdown displayed Authorized end-user can easily add or delete user codes View zone lists with status End-user can quickly and easily bypass zones

I have worked with one of these and I have to say they are very nice looking as well as easy to work with. This would be a very good addition for anyone that is looking to have touch screen capability on your Vista system.

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