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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2013 report, residential break-ins comprise 74% of burglaries, with an average loss of $2,322. On top of that, burglaries rob victims of a sense of security in the very place where families are supposed to feel safe. If you are shopping around for a new home security system, look no further as the topnotch Tuxedo Touch™ from Honeywell Security is out to get you the most value for your hard-earned money. With its effortless combination of function and convenience, this no-nonsense and easy to use alarm system will please even the least technically-inclined people.

For more mileage out of this excellent alarm system, it is highly recommended that you use a top-quality Tuxedo touch keypad. One such keypad is the Honeywell Tuxedo 6280i Talking Touch Screen Keypad, which works great with the Vista series. This Honeywell Tuxedo review will show you why this home security system, especially when coupled with the 6280i Touch Screen Keypad, is a great investment that every homeowner should definitely have.

1. Enjoy a system that is designed with the user’s convenience in mind

Just about anyone will be able to know how to use the Tuxedo Touch in a flash. With its user-friendly interface, this system is very easy to navigate, making it the perfect choice for first-time owners and tech-savvy people alike. It comes with intuitive graphic icons that integrate seamlessly with Honeywell’s Total Connect, which will be discussed later on. If you use the 6280i Touch Screen Keypad, you are in for a 16-million color display. Also, you won’t have to fumble around just to get to a certain function, be it leaving messages through the built-in microphone, loading pictures and media for slideshows, and so much more.

2. Be hands-free with voice commands

Whether you have your hands full or you simply want more convenience, the Tuxedo Touch hears you loud and clear with its built-in voice commands. The Tuxedo has a list of commands compatible with the system which you can program according to your routine. Say “Hello Tuxedo” to make your home come alive. You can say “Wake Up” first thing in the morning to turn on the lights, raise the shades, and adjust the temperature. Before hitting the sack, say “Bedtime” to turn off the lights, arm your alarm security, lock your doors, and set the thermostat to a more energy-saving temperature.

3. Stay connected with Honeywell Total Connect™

Secure peace of mind anytime, anywhere with Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services. With just a few clicks on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices, you can remotely program your alarm system, receive real-time alerts, automate your home, and so much more. Just get the Total Connect service and download the app for optimum mobility.

4. Have secure, fast, and convenient access with the built-in web server

Authorised users can check updates and settings of their Tuxedo at home. With its on-premises support, stay on top of your alarm system and home automation. For connecting the 6280i Touch Screen Keypad, you can plug a LAN cable into the ethernet port on the back in order to connect to your router. For your Tuxedo’s IP address, you can easily pull it up in any browser on any device listed in the local network.

5. Lock and unlock with great ease

Remotely lock and unlock your doors using the Tuxedo keypad with a built-in Z-Wave controller. Upon arriving home, you can also disarm your security system using the keypad on your lock. For greater security, use this with your IP cameras to see who is at the front door then you can let them in. Honeywell Tuxedo Touch

Consider investing in a superior device like this Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Screen Keypad.

6. Enjoy savings with energy-efficiency

Make the most out of your Honeywell alarm system with its smart home automation that’s got the lights, thermostat, and shades Control Z-Wave programmed. Reduce your energy costs by keeping unnecessary consumption at bay. Turn on the lights and HVAC equipment only when these energy heavyweights are needed. Program the temperature to adjust to a less energy-consuming level when you are asleep. With smart use of energy, you will not only save money, you also get to have an eco-friendly lifestyle.

7. View and record video

See for yourself the safety of your loved ones and valuables on your mobile devices and even on your smart TV. The Tuxedo allows you to use up to 16 IP cameras and view up to four at a time. What is more, you can record video clips of up to two minutes on your SD card so you have the information that you need at your convenient access. If you have some non-Honeywell IP cameras that you would like to use, you can check this list for compatible devices.

8. Style and function become one in this smart device

True to its classy name, the Tuxedo boasts of a beautiful, large screen and comes in white or silver casing. This device is one proof that technology can be functional and look great with any interior design.

9. View your media

Simply insert your SD card and have an amazing photo and video slideshow on its high-resolution display.

Take your home security to the next level

Nothing can make you feel assured more than an excellent, top of the line alarm system. Consider the Ademco Vista 20P Tuxedo WIFI White alarm system. This upper level system can support eight hardwire zones and can expand up to 48 wired and wireless zones. Equipped for up to 48 user codes, the Vista 20P Tuxedo is perfect for medium to large-sized homes or small businesses. Aside from preventing burglaries and automating your home, use this system for monitoring smoke and fire, temperature, flooding and carbon monoxide levels in your home for a total home protection package. Honeywell Vista 20p

Call us about the Ademco Vista 20P TUXEDO WIFI White alarm system kit for a great home security. Every homeowner deserves the best for their family and valuables. Take a look at the selections we have here in the Alarm Systems Store and take your time deciding on what will best suit your unique security needs, preferences, and budget. Get in touch with us to know more. Our representatives are available through our toll-free support to help you achieve maximum protection and convenience with the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch.

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