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People are not taking their safety and security lightly. According to latest data from Statista, the global security technology and services market raked in about $75.6 billion in revenues in 2015. The 2017 figures are not yet in but they're expected to hit record highs. The use of access control and alarm system is projected to bring in serious money for the industry in 2018: about $7 billion in revenues. The numbers are a welcome news to the industry, law enforcements, and even insurance companies. More households are equipped to face threats against their person and property.

Installing an alarm system is just the first step in securing your home. You should understand how your devices work, what to do during emergencies, and other important maintenance tips. One event that you should prepare for is power outage. An outage may be caused by severe weather, accidents or burglary. Here's a list of must-know security and maintenance points for you.

Do Security Systems Work When Power Is Out?


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If your security system fails to work when a blackout strikes, you should be running to the store for a new one, or at least changing the battery. It's during a power outage when you're extra vulnerable. Your lights are out and the Internet connection is offline. So it's a must that your alarms, cameras, and sensors operate in an outage.

As a basic precaution, your security devices should have provision for batteries and the back-up battery should last for a few hours. The DSC Alarm System kits and packages include a backup battery that provide protection for about 12 hours should the AC power goes down. Consider keeping backup batteries for when the power outage extends.

Do You Need An Alarm Monitoring Service?

building need alarm monitoring service

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An alarm monitoring service provides extra protection by linking a security system to a control hub. Once your alarm is triggered, it notifies the control center which in turn confirms the threat. If you fail to respond or when the threat is confirmed, the hub contacts the appropriate authorities for immediate response.

An alarm monitoring system may run via landline, cellular, and Internet connection. A landline or cellular connection may be your best choice because these are not dependent on power. Without electricity, most broadband connection go offline, cutting your link to the control center.

During Power Outage: How To Stop Alarm From Beeping

outlet stop alarm beeping

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There are certain factors that trigger an alarm including an actual threat, problems with the “zones” or low system battery. The alarm system may also start beeping when your power is cut off. How to stop alarm beeping during power outage? Here are tips for Honeywell Alarm and DSC Alarm systems:

The Honeywell Alarm lets you know of a power outage with a continuous beeping sound and a warning display on the keypad. First, check whether the circuit breakers are turned on in the fuse board. Next, check the fuses and the alarm power supply. Replace the fuses if necessary, and make sure the power supply is fitted snugly. If none of these works, call an authorized service provider.

If your DSC Alarm wouldn't stop beeping, it's likely that the panel is not receiving power from the transformer. First, make sure the transformer is tightly plugged into the outlet. Check whether the transformer doesn't have any burnt or defective fuse inside. Then, confirm whether the outlet is getting power by checking the circuit boards. Still not working? Ring an authorized service provider.

After Power Outage: How To Reset The Alarm

resert alarm

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Once power is restored, your alarm system may still display an error message. You need to reset the alarm.How do you reset the keypad after a power outage? Here's your guide for DSC and ADT alarms:

You can reset your DSC alarm by adding, deleting or overriding codes.

  1. Press *5 on the keypad and type in the Master Code. The light should go red.
  2. To add or change a user code, punch in the number of the slot (01-94) where you like to put the user code. Then, enter the new user code and wait for the confirmation beep.
  3. To delete a user code, enter the appropriate number slot. Then, press *3 and wait for the confirmation beep.
  4. Repeat the steps as needed.
  5. Exit and go back to the Main Menu.
  6. Check if the changes were successful by waiting for the green light.

How to reset a ADT alarm after power outage:

  1. Enter the reset code which varies based on the manufacturer and model of the keypad. You can check it from the manual.
  2. After the alarm system resets, punch in your security code.
  3. Check if the process was successful by disarming the system.

Security reminders before, during and after a power outage

power bank for power outage

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Be proactive and equip yourself with home security devices for black outs. Aside from backup batteries, you must have alarm sirens, flashlights, voice auto dialers, cellular communicators, and power banks.

If your neighbors have power and you don't, it's likely that you have a defective fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Check your breaker immediately and call an electrician as needed. Never touch a power line. Call an electrician or appropriate authorities to fix any fallen power line.

After an outage due to a typhoon or hurricane, make sure that the main power is turned off before entering any flooded area. Reset your security devices and electronic equipment. Restock your emergency kits and recharge backup batteries and power banks.

Your safety and security is the prime concern during emergencies. Power outages, although a rare event, can be troublesome and threatening. Keep your family and property protected in a black out by having backup batteries and flashlights. Signing up for an alarm monitoring service is highly recommended because it can be linked up to emergency response even when the power is cut off. Panicking will serve you no good. If anything, it could cause unnecessary mistakes. Keep calm and let your home security system protect you.

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