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Energy efficiency has now become a must for every homeowner and not just a trend. Using energy responsibly helps homeowners save on electric bills while also helping the environment. According to’s Energy Saver Guide, a huge part of energy used in America’s 115 million homes is wasted in inefficient systems.

Moreover, Americans typically spend a minimum of $2,200 per year on utility bills. You can save up to 25% of this amount when you and your family practice energy-saving tips at your home as suggested by Fortunately, you can leverage technological innovations to your advantage, making things a whole lot easier. You can now achieve a secure and sustainable home with a smart home security system like Honeywell. Here are 7 home energy-saving tips that homeowners should look into.

Brighten Up Your Home With Efficient Lighting

There is no doubt about it: saving energy at home is a great target to achieve. However, it cannot be denied how energy efficiency can take a backseat when you are caught up in a busy and jam-packed schedule. For instance, turning off every light in your home may be a tedious task when you are rushing in the morning to leave for work. The same thing can also be said when you are too tired at night to get out of your bed and turn off the lights. This is where the Honeywell Z-Wave technology comes in.

As long as you have the Honeywell security system with a Z-Wave controller and compatible devices, you can remotely turn on and off your lights with utmost convenience. As a bonus feature, you can also use this Honeywell Z-Wave function to turn the lights on and off when you won’t be at home for a long time. This will make it appear that your home is manned, and burglars would think twice about breaking into your abode.

Enjoy Huge HVAC Savings With A Smart Thermostat

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is an important key to living at ease. Your home, after all, protects you and your family from unpleasant weather conditions. However, HVAC eats a lion’s share of your home utility bills. This only gets worse in cases when you have leaky windows or an inefficient HVAC system, which makes it consume way more energy than necessary. With Honeywell Z-Wave-capable thermostats, you can program it with just the right energy level without sacrificing comfort in your home. You can minimize your energy consumption by turning off your heating or cooling system when no one’s home. To come home to an abode with good temperature, you can simply remotely turn on and adjust your HVAC system before you arrive. Moreover, you can program your thermostat so that your HVAC system switches to an energy-saving mode while you are asleep.

Go For Energy-Saving Shades

Shades are a great way of securing privacy for your home. You wouldn’t want everything in your home to be on display for everyone to see, would you? Aside from this, shades can be effectively used in tandem with your programmable thermostats to achieve lower HVAC costs. Shades with the Honeywell Z-Wave technology can be programmed to adjust depending on the sunlight. You can automatically lower your shades during a hot weather to keep the sunlight from entering your home. This will make it easier for your HVAC system to cool your place. Conversely, you can raise your shades during the colder months to let the sunlight warm your home.

Fans For Energy Efficiency

Fans are another fixture in every household that can help homeowners maintain comfortable temperature levels. Moreover, ceiling fans are a great alternative to air conditioning units which can consume higher wattage. For instance, an AC uses 3,500 watts on average. This is a stark contrast to ceiling fans that uses only 60 watts. While this is the case, it certainly does not hurt to lower your cooling costs further by efficiently using your ceiling fans. To start, purchase Energy Star-qualified ceiling fans and learn ceiling fan hacks like installing it properly and controlling the air’s direction. Aside from these, you can gain more energy savings by turning your fans off when not in use. Do this with great ease by using home automation.

Create Scenes and Schedules To Match Your Routine

Stay on top of your home energy management even with a hectic lifestyle. Make the most of your Honeywell home security system by creating scenes and schedules. Create scenes to program your lights, thermostats, ceiling fans, etc. to turn on when you need them. For example, you can set a “Bedtime” scene where the lights turn off, the thermostat adjusts to an energy-efficient level, the doors lock, and the alarm system goes into the armed mode. You will also greatly benefit from learning about schedules, which are sets of scenes, so you can save on energy and money without making drastic changes in your routine. With this, you will not only reap long-term savings, but you will also experience utmost comfort and convenience.

Turn Off Your Computer And Other Equipment

Another culprit in unnecessary energy use is leaving your computer and other equipment on even when they are not in use. Z-Wave’s helpful infographic on efficient energy management shows that 10% of energy in households is wasted on what is called as standby power, which is also known as vampire power. You can keep vampire power from sucking your energy consumption by using Honeywell Z-Wave to turn off your equipment. You can do this by setting a “shutdown” mode so your equipment turns off automatically when not in use.

Have A Cinematic — And Energy-Efficient — Experience

Smart energy management is a great thing especially when you are able to incorporate home automation into the activities that you and your family love. For instance, enjoy your movie nights by pairing your home entertainment system with compatible Honeywell devices. Control the shades, lights, and the temperature so you get an optimum movie-watching experience. Securing your home and saving energy while you’re at it is possible when you know how to use technology to your advantage. Assess your current energy usage so you can carefully choose the home automation devices that you need. Make the most of your Honeywell home security system and you’ll enjoy a green home, with great savings to boot.

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