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The ELK-TS071 Touchscreen Keypad can make your ELK alarm panel come alive with its stunning graphic display and intuitive icons. This will bring a whole new level to your ELK M1 or ELK M1 Gold alarm system. The ELK-TS071 connects to an ELK M1EZ8 or M1Gold via a local network through its built-in ethernet port and can communicate to either of these panels.

You must use ELK's ELK-M1XEP Ethernet Interface to connect your panel to a network, but once you do; this keypad will do some amazing things. Not only can you access the daily functions of arming and disarming your system through this keypad, but you can also, via the built-in Remote Management Software, control home automation devices such as turning on and off lights, controlling temperature, etc. The RMS also lets you have instant access of local traffic and weather reports as well as saving links to frequently visited websites. Yes, you can also surf the internet on your ELK TS071!!

The keypad comes with Internet Explorer preloaded as part of the Windows CE Operating system. The keypad can also be used to view any local DVR on the network so that you may pull up your cameras and view them. With its built-in speaker and microphone you can also have two-way voice capability with the central station or use them as an intercom system. This keypad is a great addition to an already awesome alarm system.

If you haven't checked out any of the ELK equipment then you should really give it another glance. ELK takes alarm systems to the next level by fully integrating them into any technology-based home automation system and computer network. You can view all of ELK's products by visiting their website.

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