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Elk Products have a few siren drivers that can be used to push a speaker where a siren is needed. The two most common are the Elk-110 and the Elk-120.

1) The Elk-110 is a talking voice driver that produces quality pre-recorded voice messages and a siren. The 110 is a low current draw add-on and features three input channels One for Burglar, One for Fire, and One for Carbon Monoxide, it also plays either English or Spanish, and many unique options which allow it to be used with virtually any residential or commercial alarm System.

2) The ELK-120 features 4 channels that can be configured as 2 channels of siren and 2 channels of voice, or all 4 channels can be used for voice. Either way the voice channels are fully recordable with a total recording time of 8 minutes. The Siren channels offer a choice of a Yelp Sound, Temporal Coded Horn, or Pulsing Industrial Horn. The siren sounds can be triggered in together with the voice channels. The channels can be configured to play once or to repeat endlessly.

Two channels support the unique "ComboTrigger" feature, designed for controls that have a single output with a pulsing option for fire or burglary. When pulsed, the Temporal Coded Horn fire signal is sounded. Either one of these Elk Siren Drivers would definitely add a unique, attention-getting sound for your Alarm System. If you'd like to read up on ELK some more, you can go HERE

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