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Raising the bar in alarm security innovations is the new DSC PowerSeries Neo, a cutting-edge, high performance security product that will definitely power up your security system, but in a whole lot smarter way. If you are looking for top notch DIY security upgrades that put premium on efficiency, then let this DSC PowerSeries Neo review walk you through.

Why Choose PowerSeries Neo?

Superior and efficient performance in a comprehensive hybrid package — that’s what essentially sets PowerSeries Neo apart from other security products in the market today. Putting the power in PowerSeries Neo is the way it is especially designed and engineered to maximize the use of PowerG, the groundbreaking technology in efficient wireless intrusion detection. Also, this hybrid alarm combines the reliance of hardwired system with the flexibility of PowerG wireless devices, making it adaptable to a variety of security needs whether in a residential or commercial setting. PowerSeries Neo also aims to reduce false alarms with its innovative alarm verification. Moreover, its easy installation and user friendly features are sure to delight. The following section will give you a more detailed outline of what this powerhouse can do for you. DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016NK Board and Cabinet

The DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016NK Board and Cabinet, perfect for small homes, valued at $59.78

Key Features and Benefits

1. Pick from a solid selection to cater to your security needs.

The powerful lineup gives you excellent options so you can choose the best security solution for you. The system comes in four control panels that range in capacity from 16 to 128 zones and 47 to 94 user codes, accommodating areas of small homes and big businesses alike. These expansion-capable panels easily integrate with an array of PowerG wireless devices so you can add and customize accordingly. Also, its cellular and IP communication methods offer dependable protection even without traditional phone lines.

2. Go for seamless, secure, and energy-saving connection with PowerG technology.

PowerSeries Neo’s breakthrough features are hinged on the use of PowerG 2-way wireless communication to reduce costs for dealers and provide unparalleled reliability for end users, according to DSC. Its Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology enables the system to hop to another frequency channel, avoiding jammed lines and ensuring seamless and fast connection between the control panel and devices. Aside from optimized wireless routes that avoid interferences, this system also offers high transmission ranges so devices can communicate within up to 2km or 1.24 miles line-of-sight, sparing you the need to install additional repeaters for larger areas. For top notch security, you can rely on its high-level 128-bit AES encryption to deter digital attacks. The system does all of these plus prolong battery life up to eight years as its energy-efficient Adaptive Transmission Power adjusts accordingly to the system and sets transmission to the minimum working level.

3. Avoid the costs brought by false alarms with its innovative alarm verification.

PowerSeries Neo employs three alarm verification methods to discern real alarms from the false ones and to avoid unnecessary inconveniences caused by the latter. First, its visual verification activates PIR cameras once an alarm is set off. Placed in strategic places, the cameras will assess the concerned location. Second, its two-way audio alarm verification lets security service providers listen in on any sounds through built-in microphones. There is also a built-in speakerphone for the people in the secured area to communicate with security responders. Lastly, sequential verification enables the control panel to determine a real emergency based on criteria that can be personalized. Once a scenario in the secured premises turns out to be more than just a false alarm, the incident is then quickly forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

4. Enjoy utmost convenience with this system’s user-friendly features and applications.

While all of the above specifications may seem intimidating for most non-technical people, the great thing about PowerSeries Neo is it is created with simplicity in mind for its users. Take its WebSA application for instance. Thanks to the application’s user-friendly interface, real-time dashboards, and step-by-step instructions, users can easily manage and upgrade their PowerSeries Neo system.

5. Have a quick and easy DIY installation with its less wiring requirements.

Get the maximum protection from this top-of-the-line security system with minimal installation time. Not only do its less wiring demands make installations way faster, it also enables devices in spots in your home or business area that cannot be reached by wires.

Power up your PowerSeries Neo with our best-selling upgrades.

Boost and customize your security system with these keypads, wireless sensors, remotes, and accessories to suit your needs.


A great add-on to your burglary detection system, valued at $64.32 This comes with five programmable keys so you can activate functions with just one button. Its quick exit feature is also handy in disarming and arming the system whenever you leave the premises.

MPT8PK PowerG 915Mhz Mini Wireless Proximity Tags Mini Wireless Proximity Tags

Easier way to arm and disarm the system, valued at $25.34 With these proximity tags, arm and disarm the system by simply swiping the tag in front of the keypad instead of entering your security code.

PG9904P PowerG 915Mhz Wireless PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity up to 85lbs Wireless PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

Uses Target Specific Imaging to reduce false alarms, valued at $66.47 Whittle down false alarms by installing this motion detector that can differentiate a human intruder from pets that pass by. This also comes with True Motion Recognition to separate harmless movement of things like curtains from real threats.

3G2080USA HSPA Cellular Alarm Communicator 3G2080USA HSPA Cellular Alarm Communicator

Quickly send signals and alert authorities, valued at $184.95 A great upgrade whether you want to add to your telephone line or to veer away from it and just use cellular for your security system’s communication. Using 3G cellular network, this device will generate signals to a monitoring station should a real cause for alarm rise.

HSM2108 8-Hardwired Zone Expander Module HSM2108 8-Hardwired Zone Expander Module

Perfect add-on if you need more hardwired zones, valued at $48.18 Should you need to add more hardwired zones to your existing security system, then this zone expander is what you need. You can put this in the main cabinet, but if there’s no more room, DSC’s expansion cabinets will do it. These are just some of the many, different smart upgrades you can add to make your PowerSeries Neo even more powerful. Take advantage of free same day shipping for orders over $199 on top of our low-price guarantee. And if you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach Alarm System Store on toll-free support. With your security at stake, every matter counts.


david mccoy

Greetings . I have a ten room house. I already have an alarm system from front point.We have had front point for about 5 years now . System works fine but i was wondering could i build a better system . A hybrid system {hard wired and wireless } . Please feel free to email me at the address above . thank you

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