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We are now working in products for self-protection and home safety. Included in this line up are our line of diversion safes. What is a diversion safe you ask? Well they are safes that you can leave lying around you house and crooks won't even know that they are there. Not only can you put your valuables in these and leave them lying around the house; some of them also are real functioning pieces of equipment. We now offer a wall clock safe that is a real working clock, but has hidden behind the face a safe where you can store jewelry, cash, etc.

Besides the wall clock safe we are now offering products like our book safe or our safes that look like rocks, fruit cocktail cans, shaving cream cans, etc. These make great Holiday gifts and are very practical for those that are worried about someone taking their prized possessions. I have one myself and you really can't tell these apart from a real can of fruit, shaving cream, clock, etc. Keep an eye out for more interesting products from us here at The Alarm System Store!!

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