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What good is your business investment if a single burglary can take everything away? Many entrepreneurs are concerned about business security systems, but news show that the steps they take in protecting their properties leave much room for improvement. In the US alone, a notorious property crime is reported every three seconds. Numbers may be different per area, but the average frequency remains alarmingly high.


This brings us to the million-dollar question: how can you make your business more secure? What security camera systems and devices should you consider to protect your business? Prevent profit loss and power up your business security with these 8 fail-safe ways.

1. Invest in an expandable hybrid alarm system

For an amazing deal in securing your business space with an alarm system, consider the Ademco Honeywell Vista 21iP. It is a flexible alarm system with 8 hardwired zones expandable to 48 zones. The Vista 21iP is ideal for small businesses that need to monitor a myriad of possible events other than burglary. Another benefit of using the Vista 21iP Kit over the Vista 20P is that it has a built-in IP internet communicator which makes monitoring incredibly easy. By adding a VISTA-GSM4G, you can make it a dual-path communicating system. The Vista 21iP has a total zone capacity of 48 zones that can handle a good amount of wired or wireless devices to make sure your business is protected against any invasion. On top of that, when you get yours from Alarm System Store, you also get reliable support to help you set them up by yourself.

2. Safekeep the office with video surveillance

safekeep the office
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An effective security system is never complete without a video camera which immediately acts as a deterrent to criminals. Plugging IP surveillance cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) can significantly reinforce your business security. The CMIP3132-28S 3 MP HD Indoor/Outdoor Dome Surveillance Camera is a fantastic option with IR night vision. The dome-shaped camera has infrared lens and IR LEDs that can provide great detail in the darkness up to 33 feet away.

3. Be welcoming, but stay secured with a wireless pressure mat

be welcoming but stay secured
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The USP-WPM16 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Pressure Mat is great if you own a store or have an open office where many people come and go. You may hide your receiver to help notify you when someone is entering or exiting. The 9x16-inch size is perfect for smaller spaces. For bigger spaces, you can get as large as 24x30 inches from an alarm system store.

4. Secure indoors with a motion detector and image sensor

indoors with motion detector
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Never leave the indoor space of your business property unprotected. The DSC IS214 wireless motion detector with image sensor allows users and monitoring service providers to remotely guard the property at all times. Compatible with a DSC PowerSeries NEO and an activated account, the built-in business surveillance camera can capture still images when suspicious motion is sensed even at night. The captured images are securely stored and you will be able to receive alerts through your email and smartphone. The images can be used as a visual verifier in filing a case with the authorities.

5. Use thin wireless sensors to guard your door and windows


The doors and windows of your business property are in need of proper security alarm. For a slim yet robust device, consider the DSC PowerSeries PG9975 PowerG 915Mhz Vanishing Wireless Door/Window Contact. It’s a nifty wireless sensor that can snuggly fit into most openings that you want to protect. It can also be mounted discreetly, appearing to be well integrated into the overall design of your property. A device that works with the DSC PowerSeries NEO and a transceiver, the PowerSeries PG9975 features a visual LED indicator that will allow you optimum placement of the device. This means that you won’t have to go back to the keypad to verify if the signal strength is good enough.

6. Reinforce security with a SmartCode Lever Lock

A smart lock from an alarm system store reinforces the security of any door with a key lock and a coded push button locking system. Among the best options is the Kwikset 912 Z-Wave SmartCode Lever Lock. It features a coded push button locking system that you can enable via Z-Wave technology, allowing you to connect your system with your computer and mobile devices, including by using

7. A garage door opener combines security and ease

a garage door opener
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If you have a garage or storage door that needs securing, an automatic garage door opener can offer protection and ease. Consider the GoControl GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Controller, which allows you to automatically open and close your business property’s garage and storage door. Utilizing services with this device will enable you remotely open and close your garage. The device also comes with an impressive built-in strobe light with 360 lumens of brightness and a buzzer operating at 45 decibels, ensuring that you can see and hear clearly whenever the device is activated.

8. Contain emergencies with a panic button

Emergency situations are sometimes unavoidable. But remember that as the business owner, you have the responsibility to basic office building security. Protect yourself, your employees and your property with a panic button remote. Among the best options are those from 2Gig Technologies and GE. A panic button is a handy device that immediately calls for help when pressed for two seconds. Mount it on the wall or store the remote in your pocket and bag for easier access. You can also wear it using a wristband, belt clip or lanyard.

Following these 8 clever ways to secure a business space ensures that your business is extra safe from burglaries, disasters, and emergencies. Considering the amount you’ve put in to build and sustain your business, it’s only smart that you effectively safeguard your investment with a tough security system and high-performing devices. You can be confident that you have round-the-clock protection and prevent losses due to security lapses.

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