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Installing a dependable security system is a great way to protect your home and your family. It is also a sound investment, considering what you could lose if your house falls prey to burglars and intruders. With technology and smart devices taking over people’s lives, cool new features continually sprout in the market to augment existing security systems. This 2018, catch up with the latest innovations and add useful features to your home security system. Here are the best upgrades you must consider.

smart hubPhoto courtesy of Pixaline via Pixabay

Smart hubs

A great addition to your security system, smart home hubs are clever devices that let you connect other devices on the same automation network and controls communication. Hubs usually have a built-in switch that keeps track of the information needed to determine where and how data is forwarded.

Smart hubs are usually controlled through a smartphone app that lets you carry out practical commands, such as turning off the light and opening the blinds. If you are planning to have a couple of smart devices at home, you need to have a hub to bring them all together. Choose a hub that is compatible with devices of varying brands. The app you use to control your hub may also help you explore other compatible devices.

A good hub allows users to wirelessly connect to hundreds of smart devices. This lets you monitor and control your home security system from anywhere. These are some of the features you need to look for in a hub: wireless, capable of functioning in a room with a temperature between 0 and 40 degrees, has a battery life of 10 hours, and compatible with Windows, Android, and iOs systems.

voice controlPhoto courtesy of DayronV via Pixabay

Voice control

These control devices use voice commands to carry out various functions. Voice control devices are generally capable of streaming podcasts, setting alarms, making to-do lists, music playback, and voice interaction.

A typical voice control device connects to a personal assistant in the form of a cloud-based voice service that can set your timers and alarms, make calls for you, and play music. The device can also keep track of your calendar and tell you if you are likely to encounter traffic while on the road and what the weather will be like.

This device efficiently carries out its various functions, and can be as helpful as a friend or even a family member. Some voice control devices can also play Audiobooks you have downloaded. Using just your voice, you can connect your voice control to similar devices in your home. You can purchase one that comes with a speaker that includes surround-sound features for optimal listening experience in your room. Some devices even come with 360° omnidirectional audio.

A good voice control device features beam-forming technology, seven microphones, and noise cancellation. It will be capable of detecting your voice from any direction, even while music is on. It should also be able to control compatible smart thermostats, TVs, lights, switches, and home security system.

smart lighting devicesPhoto courtesy of Antranias via Pixabay


Smart lighting devices are great for providing your home with the right light setting and ambiance. This fixture in modern homes can be synced with the movie you watch or the music you play using Android and iOS devices. It can also come with a choice of 16 colors. Lighting devices can help the family have more energy or relax, depending on the settings you choose. Some apps will allow you to control your lights from anywhere.

More importantly, lighting devices can augment your security system. Well-placed fixtures can deter criminal activity, as perpetrators seek darker areas to avoid detection. Having ample security lights will also point the attention of bystanders to any suspicious activities, and could later help them identify criminals. These devices also aid cameras that are installed in dark areas.

Just like audio alarms, motion-sensitive security lights alert intruders, letting them know that their presence has been detected. This can cause them to rethink their plans and just leave the premises. Security lights provide increased visibility that enhances the safety of homes. In emergency situations, such as fire, your smart lighting devices can automatically illuminate exit routes, making evacuation easier.

smart thermostatPhoto courtesy of ri via Pixabay

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great addition to your home security system. This device is great for controlling the energy levels in your home and reducing the bills you have to pay. Your home can definitely benefit from a thermostat that controls the use of your heater in a smart and secure way.

A smart thermostat learns from the user. It notes the temperature you prefer when you are at home. It will also automatically turn itself down when you are away. Smart thermostats are often compatible with central heating systems, such as ground source heat pumps, domestic hot water tanks, combi boilers systems, and some underfloor systems. These devices can come in compact size, powered by batteries. They use apps to view temperature history and control temperature.

Voice control devices can be connected to your smart thermostat, so you can use your voice to control it. These thermostats are a smart way to keep yourself warm this coming year.

Security camera

Security cameras remain to be the most effective feature of a home security system, especially when placed in prominent areas or within easy view of possible intruders. The mere presence of these devices is often enough to deter criminals.

Security cameras can help you watch your home, check on your baby at night or look after your pets while you are away. The most popular security cameras this coming 2018 will be those with continuous cloud recording, customizable activity zones, person alerts, and more. They can let you view what is happening at home live, or replay events with their history playback feature. Cutting-edge cameras will also let you have pristine vision day and night with their advanced night vision, clear zoom, wide viewing angle, and 1080p HD. An advanced security camera can let you see and hear what’s going on, as well as talk back when you need to.

Go ahead and make home security 2018 a fun and efficient one for you!

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