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USP-904 24" x 30" Indoor Outdoor Pressure Mat


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USP-904 24" x 30" Indoor Outdoor Pressure Mat

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The USP-904 is a 24" x 30" Indoor/Outdoor Pressure Mat. They are 1/8 inch thick. It is activated at 25 lbs. The mats are thermal sealed and are waterproof. These can be used in indoor or outdoor applications.

You can hide them under your carpet or even under a welcome mat. These can be placed on boats, facilities, hallways, balconies, windows, or door entries. It is used to alert you of an intrusion to prevent intrusion or just for notification that someone is entering or exiting.

For use with an alarm system zone the mat has a normally open circuit. You can hook this to a zone on any hardwired alarm system to cause an alarm or notification when someone steps on the mat. But, you can also use this mat to trigger something else as well. Use the mat to turn on a light or sound a sounder when someone steps on it. When using it this way the mat can handle up to 25 volts input at 1 Amp if using it with a powered relay or switch setup.


DC Current Rating: 1 Amp
DC Voltage Rating: 25 Volts
Circuit: SPST Normally Open
Input: Copper Clad Conductors (2)
Mounting: Loose Lay


Ask a Question
  • Can the wiring harness be on opposite side?

    No, the wiring exit point is fixed and can't be changed.

  • can this system be set up to alarm is someone is standing on the mat for more than 10 min vs. when someone just steps on it?

    The pressure mat is just simply a circuit that closes when stepped on immediately. To do as you wish would require adding a timer relay before the alarm system that that could take the closure as a trigger to start the timer but yet reset if the closure didn't last more than 10 minutes. I'm sure there are parts out there that can do this, but we don't offer anything like that.