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System Sensor 2WT-B Two Wire Smoke Detector With Built-In Heat Sensor


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System Sensor 2WT-B Two-Wire Smoke Detector With Built-In Heat Sensor

Most all modern alarm system now support this 2 wire type smoke detector. A two-wire smoke sends the power and zone circuit down the same two wires. This model is the same as the 2w-b model except is has built-in 135-degree heat sensor as well. We're often asked which type we recommend, 2 wire type or 4 wire type. If you are going to have only a few and they will all be on one level, we recommend 2 wire type. On the other hand, if you will have smoke detectors on more than one level, will have more than a four or five, or you need them with built-in sounders we then recommend the 4 wire type variety.

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  • do you know if this will work with existing CADD-X system that does not have a resistor installed?

    All 2 wire smokes require an EOL resistor. Yours may not be at the end of the device but it is somewhere in the line if it is functional. And yes, these do work with Caddx systems.

  • Do I need to install a resistor in this detector to have it function properly

    Resistor usuage requirements are a function of the alarm system rather than the device itself, but generally yes 2 wire type smokes need an EOL resistor to satisfy the system. The value needed depends on the system brand being used.