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System Sensor 2W-B Two Wire Smoke Detector


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System Sensor 2W-B Two Wire Smoke Detector

Most all modern alarm system now support this 2 wire type smoke detector. A two-wire smoke sends the power and zone circuit down the same two wires. We're often asked which type we recommend, 2 wire type or 4 wire type. If you are going to have only a few and they will all be on one level, we recommend 2 wire type. On the other hand, if you will have smoke detectors on more than one level, will have more than a four or five, or you need them with built-in sounders we then recommend the 4 wire type variety.

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  • Do I need to use ra terminals

    Not unless you are using a remote annunciator. (Most don't)

  • is this smoke sensor (System Sensor 2W-B Two Wire Smoke Detector) compatible with DSC power 1832? kindly advise. thank you

    Yes it is. It's compatible with any panel that supports 2 wire smokes, which is all the mainstream panels made by DSC, Honeywell, Napco and GE / UT over the last 20 years at least.