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Sump pump alarm float switch CS1829C/O


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Sump pump alarm float switch CS1829C/O

This sump pump alarm float switch is for use with alarm systems to provide a warning if the water rises too high in the your pump basket / bucket indicating a possible failure in the pump. This is a non powered mechanical device with both a normally open and normally closed magnetic switch.


Overall height............4 1/2"
Overall width............3 "
Total width in alarm...3 9/16"
Width of base............3/4 "
Top of base holds standard 3/8 press fit contact.
Swing-arm top has 1/4 " magnet encased in rust resistant coating.
Swing-arm bottom has inverted air-lock float.
Shipped with an eleven inch tie-wrap for mounting on vertical flow pipe in sump well.


Ask a Question
  • How many inches above the “normal” water level should the round float be? I imagine the switch won’t activate the alarm until it floats high enough to lose the magnetic contact. Is there a spec on how many inches the round float needs to travel for the magnets cause switch activation? Thinking of getting one of these for my honeywell system.

    There is no spec for that, but it's not much. Once water hits the float it moves the magnet from the switch pretty quickly. My estimation would be a couple inches or less would trigger the contact.

  • We have the CS2029 alarm float - it has the magnet in the top position.

    Yes it does.