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Mier DA-100 Wireless Drive Alert


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Mier DA-100 Wireless Drive Alert

What you get:

1 - One DA-100CP control panel and receiver with a built-in chime with volume control
1 - One DA-611TO sensor and transmitter with 50 feet of cable

The Mier DA-100 is a simple entry alert that is most commonly used to detect if vehicles are entering your driveway. This also has the ability to detect vehicle or asset movement for anything it may be mounted or installed on. This is a kit and with it you'll get the DA-100CP control and the DA-611TO probe and cable. This will emit a tone when activated to let you know of activity. You can also add mutiple controls so that you can hear the alert nose from the probe in different areas. You may also add multiple probes to one control to monitor several areas. You will be able to get a line-of-sight wireless range of 1000 feet between transmitter and receiver. This runs on a 24 volt DC wall transformer.

The DA-100 driveway alert kit is great to use for your home or you can use it for a business with a drive-up window such as a restaurant, drive-up liquor store, bank or any other number of businesses that have a drive-thru. These are perfect for notifying you of any vehicular presence on your property. They work differently from the Mier DA-500 Drive Alert control panel in the fact that you don't have to run a wire from the probe unit all the way back to the building that contains the receiver/notifier unit. This works totally wirelessly between the transmitter and receiver. You will get a standard range of 500' if the transmitter unit is on the ground. If you mount this on a pole that is 3' or higher then you'll get the full 1000' range. You can also buy DA-REPEATER for these for extreme cases where you would need to transmit more than 1000'.

To install the DA-100 kit you will need to place the DA-611TO probe 3' from the area that will get the vehicular traffic. You'll want to make sure that the unit is placed at least 30' away from any power lines as the probe picks up the electro-magnetic field of vehicles and power lines give off their own EMF. You'll also want to make sure that the probe/transmitter is placed at least 40' to 50' away from regular street traffic. It is that sensitive that it will pick up the EMF from street cars as well. You can bury the probe and cable from up to 2" - 12" deep if needed. You will then mount the Da-100CP inside the building 5' above the ground. This way it will be able to better receive signal from the transmitter.

DA-100 Wireless Driveway Alert Installation manual


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