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GRI 2600 12 Volt DC Water Sensor


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GRI 2600 12 Volt DC Water Sensor

This GRI 2600 Water Sensor is ideal for anyone who has a hardwired system and lives in an area where flooding is a problem. Thousands of dolllars of damage occurs each year because of flooding and now you can have a warning when this starts to happen.

This water sensing contact can be set to detect a water level of as small as 1/16 of an inch. You will mount this to the wall near the floor so that when water, or any conductive non-flammable liquid, will bridge the contacts and trip the zone.

  • Will Detect Any Conductive Non-Flammable Liquid

  • Ideal Anywhere Water Damage Could Occur

  • Automatic Reset

  • 6 Foot Jacketed Lead Standard