BBB Business Review Interactive Add-on: Flex IO Cellular Sensor Service for $3.85/month


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Add to Wishlist Interactive Add-on: Flex IO Cellular Sensor Service for $3.85/month

The Flex IO add-on allows you to make use of the Flex IO Cellular Sensors on your current Interactive account. Each Flex Sensor will need its own add-on service, so for each sensor to be added, add 1 service add-on to your cart. 5 sensors = 5 service add-ons. This particular product is for adding the Flex Service to your current Interactive account. If you are looking for the Stand-alone Flex service you can find it here. 

The Flex IO Cellular sensor is a very handy addition to any account. It allows you to remotely monitor anything where a cellular signal is available. The Flex Sensor itself is a battery-powered door contact and has an additional input for almost any type of wired contact out there. This can be very useful for lockboxes on job sites, external buildings on your property, or even farm and lawn equipment that is stored outdoors. For more information on the Flex IO sensor itself, you can take a look here.


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  • The flex io can it be programmed to when the gate is opened the monitoring station is notified. Just like a door or window sensor would.

    Cellular sensors are for self-monitoring and report only to the app. Alarm signals are sent via an alarm system, so if you need the gate monitored, you would have to use a sensor connected to an alarm system.