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Will I need an additional power supply to use the DSC PTK5507?


The DSC PTK5507 uses 200mA per keypad. The DSC PC1616, PC1832, and PC1864 have a maximum power output of 700mA. You will have to take into consideration all of the other power drawing devices attached into your system.

We recommend to stay at least 10% under the maximum of 700mA. If you’re planning on adding more than that for power drawing devices then you will have to add an additional power supply; the DSC PC5204. The DSC PC5204 is a bare circuit board so you will need the PC5003C cabinet to put it in. A lot of people ask, “Why can’t I put this in the main cabinet?” and we tell them that you’ll need another cabinet because the PC5204 needs its own backup battery and transformer.

PC5204 Power Supply