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Is there a wireless receiver in the DSC PTK5507?


There is no wireless receiver built into the PTK5507 touchscreen keypad. Unfortunately DSC has not and probably will not ever make that an option with this keypad. But do not worry. There are plenty of other options available for you to add a wireless receiver.

If you need more than one hardwired keypad, you could still consider getting wireless receiver built into a keypad. You can add either the RFK5500 or RFK5501. Both keypads have the exact same receiver that can do up to 32 zones. Or if you are using a PC1864 PowerSeries panel, the RFK5564 may be a better option since that can utilize up to 64 zones. All three keypads give you a lot of bang for your buck since you are getting 2 components in one.

But if you are like many people that get the PTK5507 keypad, you do not want a lower quality keypad. In that case you still have a couple of options. The first is the standard 32 zone wireless receiver: the RF5132-433. This is basically the same receiver as what you get in the RFK5500 or RFK5501 keypads. But, again, if you need more than 32 zones then the RF5132-433 will not work for you. Your second option is the TR5164-433. This has the ability to do up to 60 wireless zones to cover those of you with more than 32 zones. It is also a transceiver so it sends wireless signals in addition to receiving them. This gives you access to 2-way wireless devices, including up to 4 wireless keypads.