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How to wire and program System Sensor 2WB series 2 wire smokes detectors on a DSC PowerSeries Neo

DSC NEO: System Sensor 2-wire smoke wiring and programming

This video showcases the wiring and programming for 2-wire smokes on a DSC NEO security system.



Hey, guys. Hayden here again from Alarm System Store. And today we're going to be adding two-wire smokes to our DSC Neo system. A couple of things to note before we get started, PGM2 is the only output you can put two-wire smokes on. You're allowed up to 18 total two-wire smoke detectors, and you're going to need a 2.2 K ohm resistor, which is going to be red, red, red, gold and that's going to go at the end of the line, so let's hop over to the table and we'll get started.

For two-wire smokes, we are going to be using just the red and black wire. The red wire is going to go to the AUX-plus terminal, and the black wire is going to go to PGM2. All right, so we're going to hook up our two-wire smokes now. So on our two-wire smoke, you're going to have five terminals. And as you go around clockwise, you're going to have a positive in, a positive in out, and a negative. These two are for additional relays we're not going to cover in this video. So what we're going to do is we're going to take our two power wires, red and black from our PGM2 output in our AUX-plus and we're going to connect them to the power-in, which is the first terminal, and the negative, which is the third terminal.

So those are our first smoke hooked up. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take the next set of wires and we're going to go from the positive out, which is terminal two, and the negative, which is terminal three. And then for those two wires, we are going to connect them the same way we did before, terminal one, power-in to the negative. So this is what they should look like. That's your first smoke, two wires coming in two going out, and that's your last one, two wires coming in. Now, since we're running these off of PGM2 and they are two-wire smokes, you do need a resistor. The resistor that you need is a 2.2 K ohm resistor, and that is gonna go across the power-out terminal and the negative.

So this is what your final product should look like. Your final smoke in the line is where the resistor is going to go, at the end of the line, and that is what it will look like. So now we're going to connect the actual smoke detectors and we're going to do our programming. So programming for two-wire smokes is very simple. All you have to do, enter your programming *8 and then your installer code and default is 5555, then we're going to go to PGM definitions which is 009. We're going to select PGM2 because that is where they need to be, it's the only PGM that works with two-wire smokes. And then we're going to set it as a two-wire smoke, which is a 104. We're gonna hit * and then we're gonna hit # until we back all the way out, and as you can see, system's good to go. To reset your smokes, it's going to be *72 and you're good to go. Now, all you got to look for is the green flashing lights on your smokes. If they are flashing once every five seconds, then you are good to go.

And that's all there is to it. Two-wire smokes are very simple. There is one additional module that we can add and that's going to be the reversing relay module, and I'm going to be doing a video on that very shortly and we will link it in the description whenever it is available. But what that module does is basically sets off all the smokes at the same time, so keep an eye out for that. If you would like to add that, then it is available. Otherwise, you guys know what to do, like, subscribe, comment, tell us what you want to see, tell us what we can do for you guys. Anyway, I'll catch you on the next one.