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How To Clear Trouble Conditions On Honeywell Lynx L5210

Clearing Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210 Trouble Conditions

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Hi, Chris here from Today we'll take a look at two common trouble tamper situations that you may see on your Lynx L5210 occasionally. Then after the situation's rectified, I'll show you how to clear those off your display. Okay, here we are at our L5210, and I see an indication of trouble. That yellow band at the top is a dead giveaway. So let's see what's going on here. We'll hit "Security." It says "AC Loss." Now like I mentioned, this is not a troubleshooting video, but I can shoot this trouble pretty easily. I don't have my power supply plugged into an on switch wall outlet. Let's rectify that right now. Oh, look at that. This is the easiest of all troubles to clear. It will clear itself.

Here we are with a 5210, and once again it's indicating a trouble condition. So let's investigate, see what the trouble seems to be. Just hit "Security," indicates low battery. This low battery can either be the main backup battery for the panel or the sensor. In this case, you'll notice it just says low battery with no zone indication. If there was a zone indication like a two-digit number, 01 to 40, then that would indicate what zone sensor battery was low. In this case, it's indicating that my main backup battery is low. So let me rectify that situation.

Okay, here we are at our 5210 panel, and we see a trouble condition. So let's investigate and see what's going on. Oh, it indicates cover tamper. Well I recently changed my backup battery, so I'll bet I didn't get it snapped tight. I was right. So you'll notice the cover tamper message is still there, that's because we need to physically clear that out. So to do that, I'm gonna hit my home button, gonna enter my master code, and there it is, that trouble is gone.

Here we can see we have yet another trouble condition. So let's take a look and see what this one is. Oh, that's a Tamper 2 Front Door. A zone tamper like this is a little different situation than the cover tamper. So let me rectify it. It is the same in that it still displays a trouble condition. So we're gonna clear it. This is really easy too, though. We're gonna hit "Disarm," enter our master code, hit "Disarm" once more, master code again, and there we have a trouble-free display.

Thanks for joining me today for this instructional video, and be sure to check back often for our other videos on YouTube. Or better yet, subscribe to our YouTube channel. For, I'm Chris Campbell. Have a great night.