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What methods can be used for the Lynx Touch to send signals to a central station monitoring service?


With the Lynx Touch L5210 you will be able to transmit signals to a central station monitoring service using three means of communication. The first method would be to use its built-in landline dialer. We recommend a regular copper phoneline connection, but some VOIP services can be used as well. We do not suggest using Magic Jack, Vonage or Ooma services as these are unreliable to use with the landline dialer. The second method that can be used is by adding the 3GL Internal GSM Radio. This will allow you to send signal over the cellular network. The third method you can use is by adding the WIFI IP Communicator. This will wirelessly connect, over WIFI, to your home's router and send signal via the internet.

Since the Lynx L7000 doesn't feature a built-in landline dialer; you will only have available the cellular or internet options.