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What are the differences between the Honeywell 6160, Honeywell 6160RF and Honeywell 6160V?


The main differences between these three keypads are the features they present. All of them are alphanumeric keypads and are great for programming a system and for being able to display zone labels.

The 6160 is just an alphanumeric keypad and that's all that it has to offer. You can go into installer programming and view all the information available in your programming sections.

The 6160RF is an alphanumeric style keypad that has a built-in Honeywell wireless receiver. You'll get all of the faetures of the 6160 and the ability to use Honeywell's 5800 series wireles burglary, fire, and environmental detection devices.

The 6160V is an alphanumeric keypad that featueres voice annunciation. You'll, again, get all of the features of the 6160 and the ability for the keypad to speak system status and any zone labels that are available in the panel's vocabluary list. This keypad will not speak custom zone labels though.