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Honeywell 5822T Wireless Tilt Switch

Installation and Review of the Honeywell 5822T Tilt Switch

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Welcome to another product video from My name is Jon Boroughs, and today we're going to be going over the 5822T Wireless Tilt Switch. And basically what this is is a wireless tilt switch that you can use with the Vistas Series or Lynx Series control panels that you can put on a garage door, and when the garage door is lifted up, it registers an open condition on your alarm panel. So, no more forgetting to close the garage door when you leave and go on trips. Especially, if you use it in conjunction with some of the self-notifying devices that we have.

You can also use this with the 5877GDPK. And, what that is is a 5877 wireless relay that you can use for a garage door to open and close it using a remote keychain. And, it also comes with a Z-Wave siren and strobe light that you can only use with the Lynx touch with the Z-Wave card. In conjunction with the 5822, the 5877GDPK is very useful. If the garage door's lifted up and you have the proper event sequence registered in your Z-Wave module, it can set off the siren and strobe as an audio and visual communication device to let you know, instead of just registering an open condition on your panel.

What we're going to do is, I'm going to take you over to the table over into the tech room, and we're going to learn one into a Lynx Touch system, so just follow me over there and we'll get started. All right everybody, here we are in the programming station. We got the Lynx L5100 up here on the wall, and we have our 5822T. This is basically a wireless tilt switch you can use on a garage door. You can use it with the Honeywell Vista Series that have wireless receivers, or the Lynx Series panels which are totally wireless. The 5822 used in conjunction with the 5877GDPK, that's the garage door relay that will allow you to use your keychain remote as a garage door opener. Also has, if you have a Z-Wave module with this L5100, it will also give you a siren and a strobe, and basically when you garage doors open you get an audio and visual notification that your garage door's open. But, you can just use this by itself if you want.

What we're going to do is we're going to learn this into the L5100 here. Go ahead by start by pushing more and then tools, installer code, program, and then zones. And, we're just going to pick any open one. Number four is open, we'll edit that. It comes factory set as a window, but we're going to change that. So, go ahead hit your serial number, and then what we're going to do, is the serial number there on that white sticker starting with A, we're going to enter that but we'll leave off the A. So, 0949038, hit save. Then, we want to change the loop number to loop 3. Zone description, we're going to want to type in garage.

Female: Gallery. Gallery. Gal- gar- garage.

Jon: Then, we want to change device type to door, response type to perimeter, then we leave a long report of yes, chime, yes, and supervised yes. Hit save, hit your curly arrow to back out, yes to allow yourself to re-enter, back again, and we're back at home screen. Now, when this is installed on the garage door, what you're going to get, is this. Not ready to arm fault. And, you bring it back down. Ready to arm. So, it's really handy for letting you know that your garage door is open if you happen to forget to lower it. It's just as easy as that. You mount this on your door, and you're ready to go.

All right, back over to me for some closing words, thanks for watching. All right guys, it was just that easy. It's just as easy as learning any other 5800 Series Transmitter into a Honeywell Wireless System. So, I mean, that's it's just that simple. If you have any questions, give us a call, 888-811-0727, and choose option 2 on the phone menu, our tech guys will be glad to help you. My name's Jon Boroughs for, and we'll see you soon.