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DSC WTK5504 Tech Video

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Ryan: Hey, Ryan here back again with to talk about the DSC WTK5504 keypad. I've been getting a lot of phone calls about people wondering what it looks like, what those menus look like, how do you enroll it into your system. I'm gonna show you that today. So, let's just get started and go right over to my desk, and I will show you the DSC WTK5504 Wireless Touchscreen Arming Station.

Okay. Here we are at my programming table. And I have unpacked the WTK5504. And one thing you got to do and remember to do before you enroll any keypad into the system, you must power down your alarm system, which includes unplugging the power transformer from the AC receptacle, also unhooking your backup battery. I'd say usually let it stay powered down for just maybe 10, 15 seconds, and you can plug everything back in, which I have done. And once you plug everything back in, you'll wanna wait until the system completely boots up, but you don't wanna wait too long. You'll only have a couple minutes to enroll the keypads once your system boots back up.

And this basically prevents maybe a neighbor from going out and buying a keypad and connecting it to your system as well. So, you'll only have a couple minutes to enroll a keypad when you get it into your system once you power it back up. So let's go ahead and enroll this keypad. You just simply push the menu button that says enroll. You'll see that enrollment is successful. And, of course, any time you power down a system and you power back up, you have to set your date and time. And in this case, you've got your LED status lights across the top and you'll notice that the orange triangle light.

Keypad Voice: User arming in progress.

Ryan: I accidentally armed the system. And I'll show you how to do that again.

Keypad Voice: System disarmed.

Ryan: But you've got your orange triangle light. You've got your trouble down here, which, in the case, you know, corresponds with that light up there. So you hit trouble, and you'll notice it says loss of time. Let's go ahead and set the time here. It's...we'll just go ahead and make it 12:02 P.M. So you click on the AM/PM and then you use your arrow keys to adjust. And this goes with if you want to change to 12:00 to, well say, 1:00, and then you just arrow back out. It doesn't take effect immediately. It usually takes about five seconds for it to change, so if you watch, you'll see it change here any second. And basically, then the time will be updated. And there's the change. To arm your system, you just simply arm and it's gone to arm and away.

Keypad Voice: User arming in progress.

Ryan: When you come in, you can hit disarm and you can enter your four-digit code.

Keypad Voice: System disarmed.

Ryan: If you want to arm in stay mode, same thing. You just click on the stay arm and it's gonna arm in stay mode. To control your chime and the voice prompts, on or off, you just simply.

Keypad Voice: Door chime on. Door chime off.

Ryan: Turn it on or off that way as well. Your emergency keys, you hit emergency. You've got a couple different buttons. You just hold them down for two seconds, and they will activate. Zone status, you've got zones open, zone needs bypassed, or whatnot. You'll figure it out and see it here in the zone status section. More, let's go into installer options.

Keypad Voice: Enter installer code.

Ryan: Enter installer code. And then here are your installer options. You can label programming. If you wanna custom label your zones instead of seeing zone one, zone two, you can custom label your zones. Let's go into zone labels. You'll see zone one kitchen window, zone two back door. Say zone three, we're gonna say is a front door. So, click on zone three and then across the top, you have a, b, c, d, e, f, g, basically the alphabet. And we're gonna click on f. And then it brings up a bunch of words that begin with f down at the bottom. And you just scroll through until you see the word that you want. And there's front, so I'll click on front. And then the next word I want is door, so I'll click on d at the top. And I'll scroll down until I find door. There's door, front door. And then once you get the word that you want, you back arrow. It's gonna ask if you wanna save the label, you hit yes. And now zone three, front door. Really that simple on labeling your zones. One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the keypad is just to hit the buttons and browse around. User options, user functions.

Keypad Voice: Enter master code.

Ryan: You enter your master code, and it's gonna take you to where you can set your time and date. If you want your alarm system to arm at a certain time, this is a real easy way to set your auto alarm time, which means basically, say, you've got a business and you've got employees and everyone leaves around 10:00, you can actually have your alarm system arm by itself at 11:00. That way, in case one of your employees forgets to arm the system, the system's going to go ahead and arm itself. Your event buffer, access code programming.

Keypad Voice: Enter master code.

Ryan: This is where if you've got multiple users and you don't want anyone to have the same codes, say, you've got employees or relatives, and you divorce out of the family, or you've fired employees and you don't want somebody having access to your alarm system anymore, you can just simply go in and delete their user. In this case, let's say, we wanna enter somebody.

Keypad Voice: Enter master code.

Ryan: We will go in and user code one or select, We can set access code and then we can put in a new four digit code for it or we can delete a user if we wanted. There's really not much to this. I mean, it's really simple. Quick exit, system chime, door chime enabled. There's a couple different areas where you can do the chime features. But really it's really simple and easy to navigate around. So, as you can see, it's really that simple and easy to work with and navigate around the WTK5504 keypad. If you'd like more information on this keypad, feel free to give us a call at 888-811-0727 or check us out on the World Wide Web at Thanks for watching this tech video on the DSC WTK5504. I'm Ryan with Alarm System Store.