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What are my monitoring options with the DSC Touch?


The DSC Touch is in some ways limited in the monitoring options. As with any of our alarm systems it can be used as a local sounder in the event of an alarm. And for many people that’s all that they are looking for. The Touch does not have a built-in phone dialer and only works with the built-in cellular communicator. However does offer a large amount of flexibility based on the features that you’re looking for.

The Touch can be bought with either a AT&T communicator or a Verizon communicator. This gives some flexibility based on whichever network has better coverage in your area. From there you can choose whichever services and features that you want. If you want to just communicate to the central station for monitoring, has a signal forwarding only plan that is our best priced way to communicate with a cellular communicator to the central station. And then you would need to purchase the central station monitoring subscription as well. If you’re looking for a self-monitoring package, offers various interactive service plans that will give you numerous features including the ability to set custom notifications for things like alarms. And all of their interactive service plans include the option to do signal forwarding to the central station as well so you can add that service on if desired. So while you are limited to communication, they offer very flexible services that fit many budgets and needs.